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A 20 year-old manlet with a passion for lost media– and salvaging as much of it as possible. My biggest interest is lost kids' shows– particularly Disney Channel programs from the 80s!

Stuff I've Found

(Links to come soon!)

Welcome to Pooh Corner episodes:

  • "Piglet Learns to Swing"
  • "Poor Eeyore"

Dumbo's Circus Episodes

  • "Meet Me At the Fair"
  • "A Forest Full of Friends"
  • "Lionel's Weather Machine"
  • "A Lion Needs A Mane"

Under the Umbrella Tree Episodes

  • "A Job For Jess"
  • "Gloria's Game"
  • "Iggy"
  • Jacob's Victory"


  • Mousercise episode about dental hygiene
  • Mouseterpiece Theater segment ("Pluto At the Zoo")