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"&" (read as "and") is a song by alternative rock band Tally Hall and was released on their second studio album, Good & Evil. To help promote the album, "&" was supposed to receive a music video but it was never released.


Album art for Good & Evil.

Status: Lost


Like many other musicians, Tally Hall produced music videos for some of their songs to help promote their latest album release. 7 music videos were produced to promote Tally Hall's first studio album, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, but the planned releases for their second studio album, Good & Evil, were scaled back. The band had only planned two music videos for songs from the album, the first one being "Turn the Lights Off" which was released on the band's official YouTube on October 18th, 2011,[1] and "&" which was canceled mid-production only a few days later on the 21st due to financial issues.[2] These financial issues were likely due to Tally Hall parting ways with Atlantic Records in between the releases of the two albums, with the band deciding to produce Good & Evil independent of any record label,[3] which had the adverse side effect of leaving them with much less money for music videos.

The "&" music video was directed by Steve Loter, who had previously directed the music video for the band's song "Hidden In The Sand".[2] The video was partially filmed by unofficial 6th Tally Hall member, Bora Karaca, with a rough cut of the video also being edited by him, although the group found this rough cut unsatisfactory.[4] It would have incorporated fan submitted art of ampersands, with 137 of them being posted to band's Facebook page after the video's cancellation.[5]


The rough cut of music video has never been officially released and it's unknown if it ever will be considering that fact that Tally Hall seemingly doesn't exist as a band anymore.

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