Ślizgawka w Łazienkach (lost Polish silent film; 1894-1896)

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Ślizgawka film Pleograf.jpg

The only surviving frames of the movie.

Status: Lost

Ślizgawka w Łazienkach (roughly translated to "Łazienki park Slide" or "Ice-skating at Łazienkowski palace") is possibly the first Polish movie ever made in the history of Polish cinema. It was directed by Kazimierz Prószyński between 1894 and 1896, but released around 1901 or 1902.


Information about this movie is very scarce: the only proof of its existence are descriptions made by the Polish press and four film frames that were reproduced in the Warsaw Press.

With a runtime of around 1-3 minutes, the movie was about a group of Polish ice skaters at the slide of the Warsaw Ice Skating Society.[1] The movie was filmed using a pleograph which was an early type of the movie camera invented by Kazimierz Prószyński.


Ślizgawka w Łazienkach is thought to be the first Polish movie. Due to the history of the making of this movie, it's possible that it was either destroyed or is in hands of a private collector. The movie was shown many times at screenings that Prószyński organized first in Warsaw, then all around Poland.