0-sen Hayato (partially found anime series; 1964)

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Title card for the series, taken from the intro.

Status: Partially Found

0-sen Hayato (0戦はやと, Zero-sen Hayato) is one of mangaka Naoki Tsuji's earlier works that was created around 1963-1964[1] and was serialized in the Weekly Shonen King manga magazine. It would later receive an anime adaptation with the same name that aired from January 21st, 1964, until October 27th, 1964. The show aired on the Fuji TV channel at around 6:15-6:45 p.m. on Tuesdays in Japan and was believed to have spanned a total of 38 episodes[2], though in 2022, it was recently discovered that the show had a 39th episode, and was not previously documented in other sites[3]. Though the show ended on October 27th, 1964, it is likely and possible that the show might have had a 40th episode if following its weekly schedule, though the existence of a 40th episode remains unconfirmed.

Each episode was around 15 minutes[4]. This was the earliest animated show produced by P Productions[5], who had worked on various tokusatsu and animes in the 60s, such as Donkikko, and Harris' Whirlwind.[6][2][4]


There is not much information about and around the plot of the series though what is known is that the series was set around a fictional event that happened in World War II. According to its Japanese Wikipedia page, the story centred around Azuma Hayato, one of the recruited pilots by the Japanese Navy. After an enemy pilot carrier shot down Hayato's father, the series follows Hayato in his pursuit of seeking justice and vengeance against said enemy pilot carrier.


The series was directed by Kazuo Hoshino and produced by Tomio Sagisu, with music for the series composed by Takeo Watanabe.[7][2]


Picture of one of the VHS.

There are only a few people who had been known to do voice work in the series that are available on the internet[7], these are the known voice works of:

  • Michiru Hojo as Hayato Azuma[7]
  • Akira Kono as PO1 Ōyama[7]
  • Chikao Ohtsuka as Lt. Miyamoto[7]
  • Iemasa Kayumi as Captain Azuma[7]
  • Isamu Tanonaka as PO1 Hosokawa[7]
  • Koji Asakura as Kyōgo Isshiki[7]
  • Yutaka Ōyama as Hachiemon Ishikawa[7]
  • Yasuo Muramatsu as Colonel Tanaka[7]


This anime series never had any physical releases or video software and is, unfortunately, one of the many '60s anime that lacked any preservation and is lost to time. As of 2022, there is only one episode known available to be watched, and said episode is a 22-minute pilot episode of the series that was later derived as the very first episode of the series, entitled "'行け爆風隊" (transl. "Go, Blast Squad"). The reason the pilot episode having known to be one of the two pieces of the 0-sen Hayato anime available online is because it was released on VHS and Betamax tapes by the Japan Home Video Inc. back in 1985.

In addition, the second episode of the series, entitled "大戦果" (transl. "Great War Results"), was allegedly also released on VHS by H.M.P Co. Ltd., a company that focuses on producing various adult videos, though the episode had never resurfaced online and remains uncited in its Wikipedia page.

Aside from these two episodes, no more episodes of the series had been put into other video software or releases and are unlikely to resurface due to the age of the show. In addition, the second piece of the "0-sen Hayato" anime series available is its opening which was also preserved and available after it was included in various VHS and LaserDiscs releases back then.

# Episode Title (English Transl.) Air Date Status
1 行け爆風隊 (Go, Blast Squad) January 21st, 1964 Found
2 大戦果 (Great War Results) January 28th, 1964 Lost
3 友情はつよし (Friendship Is Good) February 4th, 1964 Lost
4 戦法" 紙吹雪 (Tactics' Confetti) February 11th, 1964 Lost
5 盗まれた暗号 (Stolen Cipher) February 18th, 1964 Lost
6 目標発見す (Finding A Goal) February 25th, 1964 Lost
7 暗闇の翼 (Wings Of Darkness) March 3rd, 1964 Lost
8 長ぐつ作戦 (Operation Long-Winded) March 10th, 1964 Lost
9 一進一退 (One Step And The Other) March 17th, 1964 Lost
10 孤島の秘密 (The Secret Of An Isolated Island) March 24th, 1964 Lost
11 こわれたマスコット (Broken Mascot) April 7th, 1964 Lost
12 海の狼 (Wolf Of The Sea) April 14th, 1964 Lost
13 おとり作戦 (Operation Decoy) April 21st, 1964 Lost
14 脱出作戦 (Operation Escape) April 28th, 1964 Lost
15 傷ついた敵兵 (Wounded Enemy Soldiers) May 5th, 1964 Lost
16 緑の孤島 (Green Island) May 12th, 1964 Lost
17 火山島噴火す (Volcanic Island Eruption) May 19th, 1964 Lost
18 ただよえるボート (Just A Boat) May 26th, 1964 Lost
19 イルカ作戦 (Operation Dolphin) June 2nd, 1964 Lost
20 イロイロ基地応答せよ (Respond To The Iloilo Base) June 9th, 1964 Lost
21 尊い犠牲 (Precious Sacrifice) June 16th, 1964 Lost
22 ゆうれい基地を捜せ (Find The Yurei Base) June 23rd, 1964 Lost
23 姿なき大編隊 (The Great Formation Without Figures) June 30th, 1964 Lost
24 まぼろしの戦車 (Maboshi no Chariot) July 7th, 1964 Lost
25 吹矢の男 (Blowgun Man) July 14th, 1964 Lost
26 父の死 (Father's Death) July 21st, 1964 Lost
27 単独飛行 (Solo Flight) July 28th, 1964 Lost
28 罠 (Trap) August 4th, 1964 Lost
29 重要書類異常なし (No Abnormalities In Abnormal Documents) August 11th, 1964 Lost
30 密林をつっ走れ! (Run Through The Jungle!) August 18th, 1964 Lost
31 選ばれた者 (The Chosen One) August 25th, 1964 Lost
32 決死の不時着 (Desperate Crash Landing) September 1st, 1964 Lost
33 黒い落下傘 (Black Parachute) September 8th, 1964 Lost
34 影なき戦車隊 (Tanks Without a Shadow) September 15th, 1964 Lost
35 謎の島 (Mystery Island) September 23rd, 1964 Lost
36 砂漠の決闘 (Duel In The Desert) September 30th, 1964 Lost
37 海の黒豹を倒せ (Defeat The Black Panther Of The Sea) October 6th, 1964 Lost
38 眼の中の対決 (Confrontation In The Eye) October 13th, 1964 Lost
39 その0戦をおとせ! (Kill That 0 Matches!)[3] Date unknown
(possibly October 20th, 1964 following its weekly schedule.)
40 Title unknown Date unknown
(possibly October 27th, 1964, following its weekly schedule and its end date.)
Existence Unconfirmed


Opening for 0-sen Hayato

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