12 Miles of Bad Road (partially found unaired HBO comedy series; 2007)

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Screenshot from the clip of 12 Miles of Bad Road.

Status: Partially Found

12 Miles of Bad Road is a comedy series created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason. The series' plotline revolves around a Dallas matriarch woman's day-to-day life in both her real estate industry and her dysfunctional family.

The series received a ten-episode pickup from HBO in 2006. However, due to the 2007-2008 Writer's Guild of America strike, only six of the planned ten episodes were shot in 2007.

On March 17th, 2008, at the same time that HBO's entertainment president Carolyn Strauss stepped down, HBO officially announced they were no longer planning to broadcast the show.[1] It is unknown why exactly HBO decided to pass on the show, though the incomplete production and rumors of the main actress wanting out of her contract could have played a factor.

After this announcement, the creators shopped around the pilot to various networks (TNT and Lifetime were the only ones mentioned by name). The episodes were also sent out to critics, in the hopes that reviews for the show would get the attention of the general public and convince a network to pick it up.

Most critic reviews were positive, with the exception of one mention in a longer article from the Los Angeles Times about HBO, calling the show "a muddled mess of a more than occasionally offensive storyline."[2]

The six filmed episodes that were shown to critics/television networks have never been released/aired in any country or leaked online. The only footage online is a 44-second clip of a scene involving the main actress Lily Tomlin, with the watermark "Property of HBO - Do Not Duplicate" towards the bottom of the screen.


A 44 second clip from the series.