1998 Philippine Independence Day Celebrations (partially found Filipino Independence Day celebrations; 1998)

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Philippine Centennial logo.png

The official logo of the celebrations.

Status: Partially Found

The 1998 Philippine Independence Day Celebrations, also known as Kalayaan '98 is a Filipino television special by the People's Television Network that broadcasting the celebration of the centenary of Philippine independence. The National Centennial Commission partnered with PTV for the special, and along with government-owned and privately-owned broadcasters including ABS-CBN, ABC, GMA, RPN and IBC as well as sports broadcast production company Vintage Television, formed under the umbrella broadcasting consortium known as the Philippine Centennial Broadcast Pool.[1]


The special started at 5:30 am as a 19-hour broadcast. The live coverage begins with the DAYANAS of brass bands at 6:00 am, followed by ringing of the bells from Barasoain Church, Naga, Tacloban, Baguio and Davao City. The simultaneous flag-raising ceremonies was occurred at 7:00 am Notable people attending the ceremonies including Vice-president and President-elect Joseph "ERAP" Estrada and VP-elect and later president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Rizal Park and President Fidel V. Ramos in Kawit.[2] President-elect ERAP later delivered the speech after the flag raising ceremony.[3] The traditional Vin d' Honneur was held in the Malacanang Palace was occurred at 11:00 am, while sky-diving events were also held in Luneta.[4] At 4:10 pm, the June 12, 1898 scenario at Kawit, Cavite was re-enacted, followed by the reading of the declaration of independence by President Fidel V. Ramos. A thousand-voice choir with a kid sang the anthem accompanied by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.[5] at 5:00 pm, The Grand Centennial Parade started, with Che-Che Lazaro serves as the narrator. Some of the floats were supported by groups including the Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the Philippines and PAGCOR and private corporations including Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation and PCBP member network GMA Network.[6] The event ended with a 30 minute fireworks show accompany by the medley of Filipino songs.[7]


The footage was found by historian Xiao Chua on June 2020.[8][9][10][11] Meanwhile, JBSR:PinoyTVRarities uploaded the clips of GMA Network News on June 2022.[12]




Footage of the bell-towing and Flag raising in Luneta.

Footage of the activities in Kawit.

Footage of the Grand Centennial Parade.

Footage of the fireworks display and the closing credit notice, timestamp 34:51.