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The unaired "Abstinence" episode of Adult Swim's Moral Orel was released yesterday!

Big thanks to David Tuber (who worked on the episode) for putting it up on his squirreld7 YouTube account for all to see!


An update from That Shoegazer! (Added 25 May '15)

Hello guys!

So... I was originally not going to use LMW to advertise my other series (any more than I already have been *cough*). The series looks at nostalgic music from the 90s to the 2000s to see how well its aged. It's far removed from LMC due to it's more comedic nature. But due to the few emails and messages I've gotten about the new episode, I'm going to post the new episode to my other series, 2Beats+, here. I know it's a weird move to make, but most of the messages have come from Lost Media Wiki readers.

Now, keep in mind, this is my 10th episode with the other series and the first one without my former creative partner, Jordan. If anyone knows of any lost Avril Lavigne-related material, (i.e. songs, albums, film projects) let me know and I'll gladly make it the subject of my 4th episode of Lost Media Chronicles to make up for it!

Thank you guys for watching! The new Lost Media Chronicles should be up by the month's end!



Hello, Lost Media Wiki Readers!

Sorry it took me a few weeks to make the second episode. The episode is linked up above. My laptop's fan died on me and I've had to use my roommate's computer while I'm waiting for it to be fixed. This also delays episodes from my main series, 2Beats+, but that's a different development in and of itself.

This episode we go over the Fairylogue and Radio-Plays, the very first Wizard of Oz movie. Not only was it the first Oz movie, but it was also the first color film, multi-media film, and film with a score.

The credits unfortunately got deleted in the rendering stage of the video. Since my roommate didn't let me redo it (rendering can cause wear and tear on a hard drive) it unfortunately has to stay the way it is for now.

Feel free to subscribe for future episodes. Hopefully my laptop is fixed soon and the waiting period will be much shorter.


MORE MAJOR FINDS! (Added 09 Apr 2015)

YouTube mirror of ATHF NeverForget's original upload.
A direct screen capture of the newly released Sound Factory prototype ROM in action.

Well, these past few days have brought with them some pretty amazing discoveries, so, let's jump right in:

  • A rough cut of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Boston" has been found! Believe it or not, this one was uploaded to YouTube all the way back in January (on the 31st to be specific, the 8th anniversary of the 2007 Boston bomb scare) by user ATHF NeverForget. HUGE thanks to ATHF NeverForget for bringing this gem to light, part of me honestly thought it'd never surface! ATHF NeverForget's original upload has since been removed on copyright claim, though several mirrors (both direct and indirect) have since shown up.

  • Copies of the Harmony Gold dubbed Dragon Ball movies "Curse of the Blood Rubies" and "Mystical Adventure" have been found! Thanks to MySpleen regular retroccn for once again providing more pieces of lost media to the wanting public! MEGA/streaming mirrors coming soon...

Thanks once again to all you wonderful, generous people for bringing these relics to light!

On one final note today, we recently hit 1,000 YouTube subscribers; I've since randomly drawn 3 names for the t-shirt giveaway...

And the winners are *drumroll*:

ShaneLaFleur, and

Congratulations guys; I'll soon be contacting you all directly with instructions on how to claim your prize!



Hey there, guys. It's ThatShoegazer, one of your dear admins here on the wiki. I have some exciting news for you guys.

First off, dycaite made a Notice Board Post a little over a week ago about general site news and some recently-discovered lost media. Feel free to check that out in the old board posts.

As for me, I'll be starting a new video series about famous lost pieces of media titled The Lost Media Chronicles. I have already personally spoken to dycaite and he has agreed to make this the official show for the Lost Media Wiki. The purpose of the series is to raise awareness about lost pieces of media, much like this wiki. I offer my take on the matter, as well as the many different theories about what happened to the lost work. I'm attempting to make this a weekly show, but I do work on another project, a music review show called 2Beats+.

The first episode is about the Red Hot Chili Peppers lost "Deep Kick" documentary. I highly encourage you guys to check it out, embedded above. Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe to get instant updates when I post new videos on the channel.



"2 Ft. O' Buttcrack".
Stretch Films 'banana' variant logo.
Instrumental track from Deftones' Eros.
JonTron's "Apples and BREAKS".
Columbia Pictures "Cokeburst" logo.
"The Henry & June Show" pilot.

What's up guys? dycaite here (that's right, I'm not dead!) and today I've got a late notice board post for you, since some pretty awesome stuff has been found in the past few months:

  • FFshrine user blonde180246 has managed to isolate the elusive track "2 Ft. O' Buttcrack" directly from the film Dumb and Dumber! While some rogue sound effects remain, blonde180246 has done a marvellous editing job and, for the first time, the bulk of the lyrics can be clearly made out. Thanks blonde180246!

  • The Stretch Films 'banana' variant logo has been found! Although it's been filmed off a TV screen, it's still pretty cool that it has turned up. Thanks to YouTuber Mrjimmiemilesify Jimmiemiles for providing the clip.

  • An in-studio recording of another track from Deftones' Eros has surfaced! The instrumental track is speculated (though unconfirmed) to be "Dallas"; the 2:35 video was originally uploaded to YouTube by JG Productions, though was quickly set to private (although multiple mirrors of the video has since shown up, such as the one above).

  • JonTron's deleted rarity "Apples and BREAKS" has been found! A YouTuber by the name ficha13 was lucky enough to have burnt a copy of the episode to DVD several years ago and has recently provided it for all to see; thanks ficha13!

  • The Columbia Pictures "Cokeburst" logo (often touted as the holy grail of closing logos) has been found! CLG Wiki user Supermarty-o discovered that the logo was present at the end of a 'making-of' featurette found on a Hong Kong Blu-Ray release of 1977's The Deep; it has since found its way to YouTube for the masses to see. Cheers, Supermarty-o!

  • The Kablam "Henry & June Show" pilot has been found! Big thanks go to YouTuber and LMW contributor SetnaroX for following through with the episode's upload, it's much appreciated!

Well, I think that's everything, though if I've missed something, please let me know.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to clear up some confusion, since people ask me about this a lot: yes, I am still actively working on the Lost Media Wiki, although, primarily, said work has gone towards the new site (the URL of which I'm not exactly allowed to post here, but which I'm sure you could easily find) and that is why I have been so absent here on Wikia. To reiterate, the new site is not ready to be opened for user registrations, as some old articles still need moving over; I anticipate that this process (plus a few other minor things that need tweaking), will take at least a couple more months, after which time it will be officially opened. On one final note, if you haven't yet checked out this audio message of mine from November of last year, I suggest taking a listen; it explains, pretty much, what the current situation is.

That's all for now, thanks guys!