911 Entertainment (partially lost enhanced CD videos and material from multimedia company; 1997-1998)

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The logo of 911 Entertainment, circa 1996-1999.

Status: Partially Lost

911 Entertainment was an independent multimedia record-distribution company that operated from late-Summer 1996 to early 1999 in the San Francisco Bay Area.[1]

Background and Info

They were well known for operating their own website which contained rTribe, a website that displayed lots of multimedia entertainment which included an interactive community[2], the Worldwide Internet Music Archive for an online tour guide to live music[3], Warped World for punk rock, Vans Warped Tour and extreme sports, and Big Top Tour which focused on electronic music.[4].

Over at the music side, the company had three music labels; 911 Records, Long Arm Records and 4dat. 911 Records, which focused heavily on the alternative rock scene, signed bands like Marshall Coleman, Crushed, Stickmen, Ultrahorse and plenty of others around the timeframe the company opened its door in 1996.

Lost material

The year after the company's global launch and their website debut, they created websites for the bands that they signed. The websites would include tour dates, interviews, audio and video files, biographies and photo galleries for the flagship brands.

Sadly, the only remaining material available are music videos from three bands Marshall Coleman, Crushed and Shelly Streeter, that are available on YouTube and Internet Archive. The other material that contained everything from 911 Entertainment's websites remains lost to this day.

And any attempts to get any files from the main website around early 1997 have failed, as the video files and other material would be in an RPM or RAM (Real Audio Media) format which, unfortunately, if downloaded, it would display with an error message stating that the file is corrupted.[5] Once entered on the company's main website around that timeframe, it would automatically download an RPM file from one of Marshall Coleman's material.[6]

The site also contained a 24-hour live feed of interviews, music videos, animations and eye candy. A few examples of lost material that has not been surfaced in two decades are listed below, however, there is possibly more lost material from the multimedia company that is still out there, but has not been surfaced in the past 23 years.

In May 2022, it was discovered that three of 911 Entertainment's artists (Marshall Coleman, Crushed and Stickmen) were scheduled to perform on a live webcast via Billboard Live on May 22nd, 1997 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm.[7]

In January 2023, a 911 Entertainment promotional poster circulated through eBay. It mentions Marshall Coleman and Crushed performing at Foundations Forum sometime in 1997. In addition, the Foundations Forum Musicfest '97 CD sampler that contains Marshall Coleman performing "Not Into You" also appeared online but no one has posted the full audio of the event.[8][9][10]

In September 2023, a promo CD of Stickmen's "Life Colored Green" was found that contains a press page.[11]


  • Crushed - A Burned Out Place (Live)
  • Crushed - A Little Comedy
  • Crushed - Serpent's Coil (unreleased)
  • Crushed - Teaser
  • 911 Entertainment - Live 24/7 Feed
  • 911 Entertainment's Live Internet Broadcasts of Live Swine from The Roseland, Vans Warped Tour '97 and etc
  • Stickmen - The Making of Life Colored Green
  • Stickmen - R&R; Hot tub
  • Shelly Streeter - Oh Mamacita

Found material

The remaining 911 Entertainment content can be found on YouTube and Internet Archive.