9595 - Te învață ce să faci (partially found Romanian television show; 2004)

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The logo of this show.

Status: Partially Found

9595 - Te învață ce să faci (Translation in English, 9595 - Teaches you what to do) is a Romanian television show, aired on Antena 1 in 2004. It is currently unknown in what year has ended this show. Currently, on YouTube, there are only 4 videos of this show, it means that this show is partially found.

This show had a daily theme when it aired, while the presenter of 9595 - Te învață ce să faci is Cristian Andrei, a Romanian doctor and he is a well-known neuropsychiatrist. The show was about people who has communication problems, who have problems with love, in sex, or more serious aliments, they can find or solve by calling the phone number "9595".[1]

On October 23rd, 2004, it was announced by Romanian newspaper Jurnalul Național that Antena 1 will premiere a new show, 9595 - Te învață ce să faci on the next week, it can be followed from Monday to Friday, at 5:45pm Romanian time.[1]

The first guests of this show were Romanian actress Anca Sigartău and Cristina Botez, a young woman who was stabbed by her boyfriend, with 14 stab wounds. Anca Sigartău decided to call the "9595" number, to talk with the Romanian doctor, Cristian Andrei, because because her three children were bought with all kinds of gifts by their father, a very rich man. Although, he never paid alimony to the children, in order to attract them to his side, he gave them expensive gifts and offers them a lot of fun. Thus, the little ones started behaving badly with their mother, and Anca asked the doctor for help. The first theme of the show was De la iubire până la ură, e doar un pas, which means From love to hate, it is just one step in English.[1]

Although, this show has premiered in 2004, it is currently unknown in what year has ended this show.