A "Draw Dorami-chan" Song / A Week in Our Time Machine (partially found English version of "Doraemon" single; 1980)

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Dorami record cover.jpg

The cover of the single.

Status: Partially Found

Doraemon is a popular and long-running anime based on the manga of the same name by Fujiko F. Fujio. Its best-known adaptation originally ran from 1979 until 2005, while a second series, that began airing a month after the first series' conclusion, is still airing to this day. A total of 38 feature-length Doraemon movies have been released, as well as numerous short films.

In April or May 1980, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. released 2 singles containing songs from the popular series to Japanese stores. English versions were also released at the same time to teach English to Japanese students. The first, titled "A "Draw Doraemon" Song / Doraemon Ondo", is easily available to listen to on YouTube and download online, while the second one remains lost, with the only documentations online being from snowrecords.jp, as well as a fanmade list of Doraemon music. The Japanese versions of the songs on both records are easily available online. It was sung by Regina M. Doi (A “Draw Doramichan” Song), Duncan A. Williams (A Week in Our Time Machine), and Henry V. Drennan (A Week in Our Time Machine).

On 7/31/2021, Side A was found on a Japanese Music Website, and was subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Important Notes

This record is 7-inch, 45 rpm. Its model number is CK-562. Side A is CK-562-A-1, while Side B is CK-562-B-1. It cost 600 yen.

Lyrics of A "Draw Doramichan" Song

One mountain, two mountains, standing side by side My house is big and round, so's my room inside. One window, two windows, they are round, of course. You can see two happy boys looking out with joy. See a popcorn, floating popcorn landing on a plate. Oh my, what a surprise! Oh my, what a surprise! Tie a bell and you now have our Doramichan!



A "Draw Dorami-chan" Song (Japanese Version).

A Week in Our Time Machine (Japanese Version).

A "Draw Dorami-chan" Song (English Version).

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