A New Kind of Family (partially found ABC sitcom; 1979-1980)

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Photo of the cast of the series (before change).

Status: Partially Found

A New Kind of Family is a short-lived American TV sitcom that aired on ABC from September 16th, 1979 up until January 5th, 1980. The series only had one season and consists of 11 episodes[1][2], before being canceled by ABC in 1980.


Kit Flanagan (played by Eileen Brennan) is a widowed mother of three children: Tony Flanagan (played by a young Rob Lowe), Hilary Flanagan (played by a young Lauri Hendler), and Andy Flanagan (played by a young David Hollander). With not enough money to support their needs for shelter, they've decided to share a home with a divorced mother named Abby Stone (played by Gwynne Gilford), and her daughter, Jill Stone (played by a young Connie Ann Hearn), to save money.

Midway through its run, the show was briefly pulled from airing for a month[3]. The show eventually aired again on December 1979 continuing its run, but the characters of Abby and Jill Stone were written out of the show and were replaced by a different family known as "the Ashtons", introducing the characters of Jess Ashton (played by Telma Hopkins) and Jojo Ashton (played by a young Janet Jackson). The reason for the replacement was due to the show having really low ratings during its run on television and in hopes that changing the cast would improve the ratings of the series. Unfortunately, the series' rating did not improve at all even with the sudden cast change and the show was canceled in January 1980 by ABC, only airing for 11 episodes.


The Flanagans

  • Eileen Brennan as Kit Flanagan
  • Rob Lowe as Tony Flanagan
  • Lauri Hendler as Hillary Flanagan
  • David Hollander as Andy Flanagan

The Stones

  • Gwynne Gilford as Abby Stone (episodes 1-6; September–October 1979)
  • Connie Ann Hearn as Jill Stone (episodes 1-6; September–October 1979)

The Ashtons

  • Telma Hopkins as Jess Ashton (episodes 7-11; December 1979 – January 1980)
  • Janet Jackson as Jojo Ashton (episodes 7-11; December 1979 – January 1980)


The series never received any home media release. It is likely however that shows from the time the show aired was recorded on video tapes due to them being conventional and mainstream, however, no full episodes have yet to resurface online. The only available material for the series that can be found anywhere is its opening credits, from its first six episodes run.


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 I Do September 16th, 1979 Lost
2 Are You Sure Barnum and Bailey Started Like This? September 23rd, 1979 Lost
3 The Hero September 30th, 1979 Lost
4 The Overcharge October 7th, 1979 Lost
5 Invasion of Privacy October 21st, 1979 Lost
6 Andy's New Dad October 28th, 1979 Lost
7 Thank You for a Lovely Evening December 15th, 1979 Lost
8 Is There a Gun in the House? December 22nd, 1979 Lost
9 Fair Weather Friend December 29th, 1979 Lost
10 The Break-Up October 14th, 1979 Lost
11 No Smoking, Please January 5th, 1980 Lost




Opening credits for the series.


The series received a nomination for "Outstanding Video Tape Editing For A Series" on the 32nd Emmy Awards in 1980. Unfortunately, they would not win the award as the award would be given to The Muppet Show[4] .

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