A Year at the Top (partially found CBS sitcom series; 1977)

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A photo of the main cast for A Year at the Top.

Status: Partially Found

A Year at the Top was a sitcom that aired on CBS that aired from August 5th to September 2nd, 1977. The show followed two struggling musicians as they leave Boise, Idaho, for Hollywood in the hopes of making it big. The series was produced by Norman Lear, who made the hit TV show All in the Family. Notable Saturday Night Live actor Paul Shaffer took time off to star in A Year at the Top. The series ran for five episodes before being abruptly cancelled due to mixed ratings. Today, only a few promotional materials survive.[1]


The show follows two aspiring musicians named Greg (Greg Evigan) and Paul (Paul Shaffer) as they leave their hometown of Boise, Idaho and move to Hollywood to try to make it as big as musicians. Eventually, they meet a promotor named Frederick J. Hanover (Gabriel Dell), who has found many musicians and made them famous. However, Frederick J. Hanover is the devil's son, and in order to make it big for one year, they must sign their souls away.


Though the series received a mixed reception, many still favored it. Despite this, no episodes of A Year at the Top have resurfaced. A twenty-four-second ad for the series and a few onset photos have since resurfaced.


  • Paul played by Paul Shaffer
  • Greg played by Greg Evigan
  • Grandma Belle Durbin played by Nedra Volz
  • Frederick J. Hanover played by Gabriel Dell
  • Trish played by Julie Cobb
  • Uncle Mickey Durbin played by Mickey Rooney
  • Miss Worley played by Priscilla Morrill


Episode List

# Episode Synopsis Status
1 The Big Deal Unknown Lost
2 The Handshake Greg and Paul are shocked to learn that Hanover's precious clients were only successful for a year. Lost
3 Identity Crisis Paul and Greg struggle to retain focus Lost
4 Love Story Unknown Lost
5 The Sun Also Rises Unknown Lost




A promo for A Year at the Top.

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