Alarm Call (lost early alternate version of Björk music video; 1998)

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Bjork alarm call.png

Björk's Alarm Call CD1 Cover Art.

Status: Lost

"Alarm Call" is the fourth single released by Icelandic musician Björk from her third studio album, Homogenic. Peaking at #33 on the UK charts, it was a minor success[1]. Two music videos were created, one directed by graphic designer Paul White but was later turned down. Another version, this time directed by late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, would subsequently be the official music video for the song. However, Paul White's version of Alarm Call has never resurfaced nor released.

Paul White's version

Paul White directed the music video of "Hunter", the third single from Homogenic. His design firm Me Company also designed the album artwork of Homogenic, Björk's second album Post, and their respective singles. Commissioned for the next single's music video, his version was shot in the Los Angeles Subway while the "Hunter" music video was being completed. Described as a 'very guerilla-y' shoot in LA, it featured Björk going to an abandoned cabin in a canyon where she tapes sticks to her fingers and uses them like prosthetic fingernails. The singer then proceeds to go on a walk to Venice Beach and the boardwalk[2]. A dance scene was also included, as well as Björk wearing her iconic kimono from the album's cover[3]. This version visualized the more upbeat, fun theme of the song, but the singer wasn't satisfied as she wanted to align the music video with the more mature and serious themes of her prior music videos for the album. Also, Björk didn't like the more conventional approach of this version. It was replaced by another output of Alexander McQueen, who designed the Homogenic kimono seen on the album cover (pictured above), also shot by McQueen and Nick Knight.


As of 2022, there has been no other information about the music video other than the ones White had shared. No storyboards or stills had appeared, and Björk herself hasn't acknowledged the unreleased music video.


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