All Dogs Go to Heaven (partially found Proctor & Gamble TV promotions for VHS release of animated film; 1990)

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A flyer for the film.

Status: Partially Found

In 1990, following on the commercial and critical disappointment of the 1989 Don Bluth film All Dogs Go to Heaven, MGM/UA collaborated with Proctor & Gamble for an advertising campaign to promote the VHS release of the movie. This campaign, costing over $13 million, consisted of newly animated footage by Don Bluth's US studio, showing the films characters giving each other the tape for the holidays, and also a separate advert for Downey detergent showing live action dogs discussing the film while their owners were at the store purchasing Downey and the movie on VHS.[1]

Despite the odd pairing, it seemed to have paid off as the VHS of All Dogs Go to Heaven was a huge success at the time.

On July 5th, 2016, YouTube user pannoni 8 uploaded 24 minutes of commercials recorded on November 14, 1990, during an airing of the film Short Circuit 2. At time-stamp 23:42 on the YouTube video, the Downy version of the advertisement campaign is shown.


The Downy detergent commercial for ADGTH VHS (starts at 23:42).

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