Aloha! Yo-kai Watch: Rakuen Hawaii♪ de Gera Gera Po!! (found anime web short based on franchise; 2015)

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YWHawaii 2.jpg

The title card of the short.

Status: Found

Date found: 2021

Found by: nbats

In 2015, Level-5 collaborated with Hawaii Tourism to promote their franchise Yo-kai Watch[1] in the form of a Japanese tie-in called Aloha! Yo-kai Watch: Rakuen Hawaii♪ de Gera Gera Po!! (アロハ!妖怪ウォッチ 楽園ハワイ♪でゲラゲラポー!!). It lasted from March 2015 to June 2017, where the collaboration was aimed to educate people about Hawaii and its culture.

About the OVA

One of the interesting things about the tie-in was a two-minute short OVA that was posted on YouTube,[2] featuring the main characters of the Yo-kai Watch anime series, which was directed by Eric Takahata and animated by OLM. Just like the website and overall premise of the promotion, the short aimed to educate viewers on the islands and landmarks of Hawaii.

It was available to watch on YouTube for some time on June 29, 2015 but was made private months later. Though it was archived, the video cannot be watched either, nor was it officially released as a bonus feature in home media releases.

Though only a few preview screenshots of the short remain on Famitsu, more images of the the short were taken on anisearch.[3] likely from around the time when the video was still up.

Circa 2021, user nbats from MyAnimeList found the short and uploaded it into their site, making it available to be watched again.[4]


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