Yo-kai Daijiten (lost cancelled spin-off iOS/Android game based on a franchise; 2015-2021)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Yo-kai Daijiten (妖怪大辞典) was a planned spin-off application for the Yo-kai Watch franchise, in the form of a quiz-based RPG, where the player could guess and learn facts about various characters and Yo-kai in the form of a progression system. Initially announced in 2015, it would go through many delays before being cancelled in 2021.


The game was split into three parts: Quiz, RPG and Daijiten. The Quiz element is the core of the game, where the player could answer questions based on Yo-kai in the form of a battle. The RPG element involves levelling up Yo-kai and travelling via maps. The Daijiten part is where the player could read up learned facts about Yo-kai.

Delays and Cancellation

The application was revealed at the LEVEL-5 VISION: THE BEGINNING event in April 2015, slated for a release that year. However, it would go through numerous delays for unknown reasons, originally being delayed to 2016 in August 2015, delayed to Spring 2017 in November 2016, delayed to Summer 2017 in Spring 2017 and delayed to 2018 sometime in 2017[1][2].

The website was left dormant since then, before it was officially announced to be cancelled on January 29, 2021.[3]



Revelation of the game at LEVEL-5 VISION: THE BEGINNING event.

The archived trailer

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