Yo-kai Taiso Dai-ichi Puzzle da Nyan DX (lost inaccessible expansion of spin-off iOS/Android game based on role-playing game franchise; 2015)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Yo-kai Taiso Dai-ichi Puzzle da Nyan is an iOS/Android application that came out around the time of the Japanese release of Yo-kai Watch game in July 2013. It was initially made to promote the ending song in the anime that would premiere in January 2014. On March 15, 2015,[1] it received a paid expansion which included a new song and playable characters.


The expansion included a new song called "Don-Don-Zooby-Zoo-Bah," which previously appeared as the second ending theme of the Yo-kai Watch anime in 2014. It also included a new gameplay mode where tapping certain Jibanyan faces increase points, give health or clear the board. New blobs with other Yo-kai are also included.

It also notably features new characters, such as humans Bear and Eddie and Yo-kai Komasan, Komajiro, Hovernyan, Whisper, Buchinyan, Sgt. Burly, Sailornyan, Darknyan, Kyubi and Venoct. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of adding more colored Jibanyan blobs to the puzzle.


The expansion was exclusively made available via a paid service known as Sugotoku Contents, where users could subscribe to recieve exclusive content for only 380 yen a month. Due to being a Japan-only paid service, such content is rarely dumped, thus deleting the Sugotoku Contents app would delete the update as well.

Sometime at the end of 2021, the game was delisted and discontinued from Sugotoku Contents. It is unknown if the update for the app is still on iOS/Android models before its discontinuation. The only available content is a trailer and images.



Trailer for the expansion.


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