Amadís de Gaula (lost chapters of chivalric romance books; 14th century)

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Amadis de Gaula 1533.jpg

Cover of the Spanish version of Amadís de Gaula.

Status: Lost

Amadís de Gaula is the lead character of the great Spanish medieval romance of the same name. For the published version of the work, Geoffrey de Montalvo deleted the sections of the work containing the most violence. The three original volumes of the Amadis saga are now lost, except for fragmentary remains in the British library.


Geoffrey de Montalvo had in his possession three surviving volumes of the Amadis saga, which consisted of parchment scrolls bound into leather covers. He systematically deleted the most violent chapters of the saga and altered the original ending, in which Amadis is slain by his son Esplandian so that instead the saga ends with a double wedding, in which both Amadis and his son marry their lady loves. The published version was a hit, so much so that Montalvo wrote a fourth and concluding volume.

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