Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics (lost build of cancelled Game Boy Advance 2D platformer; 2003)

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Hollywood Hypnotics.jpeg

The game's box art.

Status: Lost

Animaniacs: Hollywood Hypnotics was a 2D platformer being developed for the Game Boy Advance by Full Fat Games and was set to be published by SWING Entertainment in 2003 based on the animated series Animaniacs.


Brain's latest plan as part of his daily attempt to take over the world involves using the Warner Bros. water tower as a rocket to blast off into space and send off audio signals that resemble a barking dog. These signals would wake everyone up, and cause them to start yelling at each other to keep their dogs quiet, therefore making a loud ruckus. While everyone is shouting and distracted, Pinky and the Brain would come and take over the world.

Brain waits for Yakko, Wakko and Dot to do their daily habit of jumping out of their water tower. After they are gone, Brain sets up some speakers and hides them all over the studio. These speakers create hypnotic sounds that put everyone in the studio into a trance (and also make the studio's actors think they are the characters they're playing), therefore stopping them from interfering with Brain's plan. He instructs Ralph (while he is hypnotized), the fat, incompetent studio guard, to block the entrance to the water tower to keep the Warner trio out.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot, however, are not affected by the hypnotic sounds. They are confused as to why everyone is acting so strange and why Ralph won't let them back into the water tower. They end up discovering one of the speakers emitting the hypnotic sounds and decide to find the speakers and release everyone from their trances.


The game appears to have been a platformer/point-and-click adventure game hybrid, with visuals similar to the SNES/Sega Genesis Animaniacs game. Players would collect various items (examples of which including stools, hats, and cakes) placed throughout the levels, and use them to solve various puzzles, such as helping Mindy escape from a jail cell by using a sheriff's key. The levels would have been themed around various movie locations, with examples including Wild West, gangster, space, and pirate-themed sets. Various characters, both original and Animaniacs regulars, would be present throughout these levels, either to serve as enemies or to interact with to solve puzzles.[1]


The release of the game, along with another Animaniacs game entitled Animaniacs: Hollywood Hijinx,[2] was cancelled when SWING Entertainment became the subject of an insolvency procedure on February 11, 2003.[3] But whereas Hollywood Hijinx eventually received a new publisher and was released as Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt, Hollywood Hypnotics remained unreleased, and as of 2021, the game has yet to see the light of day in any format.


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