Animation Nation (found BBC4 documentary series; 2005)

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Animation Nation title.JPG

The series' title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Oct 2017

Found by: Scottstrachann

Animation Nation was a documentary that aired in 2005 on BBC4, being repeated on the same channel two years later in 2007. It presented a detailed history of British animation and its uses throughout the years, featuring interviews with original creators and academics alongside clips from the many cartoons it discussed.

It was a three-part mini-series, consisting of the episodes "Visions of Childhood" (which looked at classic British animation aimed at children), "Something to Say" (which looked at more adult cartoons created post-1960s) and "The Art of Persuasion" (which looked at animation's use in war-time propaganda and post-war advertising).

Possibly due to its specialist subject matter, the documentary has never seen a widespread official release. The documentary does have its own section on the BBC website, but there are no clips or detailed information about it.[1] It used to be uploaded to YouTube but has since been taken down; similarly, the torrent website used to have a torrent for the series, but that site has since been closed down. It was rumored that many of the most important members of actually moved to another, more secure website before the site was closed down, meaning that the torrent could still be out there. All episodes are now viewable on the Animation Nation Vimeo channel[2] and on the Internet Archive. [3]

Episode Chart

# Episode Title Status
1 The Art of Persuasion Found
2 Something to Say Found
3 Visions of Childhood Found