Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi (partially found anime series based on toy franchise; 1997-1998)

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A VHS Cover for the anime series, the only home video release it's ever received.

Status: Partially Found

A Tamagotchi is a small electronic toy, with an LCD screen that displays a small creature for the owner to play and take care of. Debuting in late 1996 in Japan, and mid 1997 in the rest of the world, these toys gained widespread attention and quickly became a hot seller. To capitalize on the success of the toy, an anime was made based on the toy, titled Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi (アニメ TVで発見!! たまごっち, lit. Found on Anime TV!! Tamagotchi). The series is notable for being the first ever Tamagotchi anime. Only nine of the syndicated twenty-seven episodes were ever released on home media, leaving over half of the series lost.


The series is very simplistic, with each episode running at a little over a minute or less. There’s no dialogue, and there’s no connecting plot to each episode. Each episode centers on one or more Tamagotchi as they go on adventures, get into fights, eat meals, and more.

Artwork of an unknown episode of Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi, from Telebi Magazine.


The series aired from July 7th, 1997, to March 21st, 1998 on FUJI TV.[1] For years, it was assumed that the series had an intro and ending song, and that these too were considered lost. It wasn’t until recently when it was discovered that the supposed creator of the intro and ending songs, NOKKO, was actually the writer on staff.[1]

Episode List

# Japanese Title Status
1 グシシシおやじっち Found
2 ヒネヒネますくっち Found
3 バクバクにょろっち Found
4 キビキビまめっち Found
5 フリフリぎんじろっち Found
6 モンモンポチっち Found
7 ナゾナゾズキっち Found
8 ハナハナとんがりっち Found
9 ぶっタマゲてんしっち Found
10 ウロウロせきとりっち Lost
11 パクパクまるっち Lost
12 ワクワクくちぱっち Lost
13 グツグツたこっち Lost
14 どどどどゴッチ大王 Lost
15 チョキチョキはしぞーっち Lost
16 ピィ!ピィ!ピィ!NOKKOっち Lost
17 チャリチャリチャリっち Lost
18 バリバリズキっち Lost
19 ウハウハはしぞーっち Lost
20 びゅんびゅんポチっち Lost
21 プクプクぎんじろっち Lost
22 コチコチにゃっち Lost
23 ノリノリNOKKOっち Lost
24 くれくれデビルっち Lost
25 ラブリーたらこっち Lost
26 キラリンにゃっち Lost
27 ラブラブたまごっ Lost


Artwork from the series has surfaced from Telebi Magazine (テレビマガジン), showcasing unique art that’s never been seen before.[2] Some assume that the artwork is from Episode 26, though this has not yet been confirmed.

The whereabouts of the rest of the series is unknown. Currently, there’s very little information regarding the series online. It’s unknown when, if ever, the rest of the episodes will ever surface.


Episodes 1-9 of the series.

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