Another Day (partially found CBS sitcom; 1978)

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A promo poster for Another Day.

Status: Partially Found

Another Day was a short-lived American sitcom that aired on CBS in 1978 with a total of four episodes airing. Airing on CBS on Thursdays at 9:00 PM, Another Day follows a couple as they struggle financially while also raising a family. Another Day was plagued with production issues from the start as lead actor David Groh did not want to star in a comedy series as he had just finished Rhoda. Despite Groh wanting to star in a more gritty drama series, CBS told him viewers would not be interested in such a show.[1]


Another Day revolves around the Gardner family, who is struggling with finical issues. Don Gardner (David Groh) tries to support his family with the income from his job, but his job is unable to support his family. Don's wife, Ginny Gardner (Joan Hackett), picks up a job in order to help make ends meet.


Due to low ratings of Another Day, no re-runs have aired. The show has also not been released on home media. As of the writing of this article, a few TV adverts, as well as production photos, have since surfaced. Due to the series being cut short, it is unknown if more episodes were made, but remain unaired.


  • David Groh as Don Gardner
  • Joan Hackett as Ginny Gardner
  • Al Eisenmann as Mark Gardner
  • Lisa Lindgren as Kelly Gardner
  • Hope Summers as Olive Gardner

Episode List

# Episode Title Synopsis Status
1 A Couple Drinks With the Girls Ginny returns to work to help with the family finances, and Don resents it – and then Ginny comes home drunk from an office party. Lost
2 Room For One More Don tries to talk Ginny into having another baby so she will quit her job. Lost
3 Unknown Kelly falls in love, and Don is nervous about it. Lost
4 The Audition Kelly auditions for a television commercial, and the competition at the audition turns her into a nasty brat. Lost



A promo for the Premiere episodes of The Ted Knight Show and Another Day.

Another promo.

Opening theme for Another Day.

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