Anpanman Breadman (lost POGO English dub of anime series; 2009)

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An image of Anpanman Breadman.

Status: Lost

Anpanman Breadman is a Japanese children's anime series. It has been airing since 1988, and new episodes are still made. The series revolves around a man with an "anpan" head (an "anpan" being a bean jam-filled pastry) who protects the world from a villain, an evil anthropomorphic germ named Baikinman. The series originated as a manga, which started in 1973 and ran till 2013 when the creator passed away.

In 2009, an English dub of the series aired on the Indian channel POGO. This has been the only English dub of the series to date. POGO's website featured two clips of the dub, but the player for the clips is now broken, so they're currently unviewable.[1] No other clips are available anywhere online of this dub, and no audio has been recovered to date.

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