Ape Escape (partially lost English dub of CGI anime based on platform game series; 2004)

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Ae cg logo.png

Ape Escape logo featured in the introduction sequence.

Status: Partially Lost

In 2004 (as part of the Nicktoons Film Festival block) Nicktoons Network aired three English-dubbed segments cut from the Japanese series of CG-animated shorts, Let's Get Saru Getchu (レッチュ ゲッチュ サルゲッチュ, Retchu Getchu Saru Getchu) produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in collaboration with Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment. While the entire Japanese series did see a home DVD release, none of the three dubbed versions of the shorts have seen re-release in any form whatsoever since their 2004 television broadcast. Two of these shorts recorded from original broadcast have been archived on the Veoh page of user PipoMadness1992. Their page is linked here, though these videos currently can no longer be viewed due to the shutdown of Adobe Flash.

In regards to the third and final short, it does not seem to be available anywhere; however, the existence of this short can be confirmed by multiple sources online. An article written by AnimationMagazine.net[1] describes the lineup of the Nicktoons Film Festival from December 2004:

"Film #7: Ape Escape (Length: 5:00; CG)–We’re running quite a few Ape Escapes, little one-minute fun-packed adventures of a boy and his crazy apes. We’d spend more time describing them, but we’d spoil the punchlines. Let’s just say if you like fart jokes, monkeys and wacky music, you won’t want to let these little shorts get away. All of our Ape Escape shorts were directed by Yorifusa Yamaguchi and come to us from Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc."

Additionally, the Wikipedia entry describing the Nicktoons Film Festival makes mention of all three Ape Escape shorts, with the titles "Ape Escape, Part I," "Ape Escape, Part II", and "Ape Escape, Part III." Lastly, the Wikipedia article for the series itself also directly references its appearance among the Nicktoons Film Festival lineup in 2004.


Monkey Soccer, mirrored on YouTube.

Petrol Station, mirrored on YouTube.

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