Apple Pie (partially found ABC sitcom; 1978)

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A photo of Rue McClanahan on set.

Status: Partially Found

Apple Pie is an American sitcom about a family living in Kansas City during the Great Depression. The series was directed by Norman Leer, who is known for shows such as All in the Family, and it aired Saturday nights on ABC. Despite having eight episodes made, only two episodes for Apple Pie aired in September of 1978 before being cancelled. It was rumoured that there was too much infighting during the production, as the cast would either take the role too seriously or would lack any enthusiasm for the role. Since then, only promotional material for Apple Pie has surfaced.


Apple Pie revolves around a lonely spinster from Oklahoma named Ginger-Nell Hollyhock (Rue McClanahan), who moves to Kansas City, Missouri, during the Great Depression. With no relatives, she decides to put an ad in the newspaper for a family. Through this ad, she is able to get a con-man as a husband, a tap-dancing daughter, a son who wants to fly, and a blind man as a grandfather. Each episode revolves around the family trying to make money.[1] [2]


Due to the show's short run on TV, mixed reviews and the sudden cancellation of Apple Pie, no re-runs have aired. The remaining six unaired episodes have not been shown, and there have been no home media releases. Two TV ads, photos from behind the scenes, and the script are all of the material that has since surfaced.

Episode List[3]

# Title Status Synopsis
1 Pilot Lost Unknown
2 Fast Eddie Slows Down Lost In need of mortgage money, Ginger-Nell advertises for a head of household to pay the bill. First episode that aired.
3 Ginger-Nell Goes Hollywood Lost Ginger-Nell aims for Hollywood with her tap-dancing partner, a door-to-door salesman. Second and last episode that aired.
4 Rich Man, Poor Gir Lost Ginger-Nell thinks that a wealthy snob plans to "take advantage" of Anna Marie.
5 The Tornado Lost Seeking shelter from a tornado in their cellar, the Hollyhocks find a batch of Fast Eddie's bootleg brew.
6 Ginger-Nell Loses Her Touch Lost Unknown
7 A Man from Ginger-Nell's Past Lost Unknown
8 They Walk Among us Lost Unknown


  • Ginger-Nell Hollyhock played by Rue McClanahan
  • Fast Eddie Murtaugh played by Dabney Coleman
  • Anna Marie Hollyhock played by Caitlin O'Heaney
  • Junior Hollyhock played by Derrel Maury
  • Grandpa Hollyhock played by Jack Gilford



A advert for Carter County, Apple Pie, and Love Boat

Another advert for Apple Pie [17:20]

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