Ariel Pink (partially found Underground releases; 1996-2009)

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Ariel Pink in 2007.

Status: Partially Found

Ariel Pink, born Ariel Marcus Rosenburg, is a multi instrumentalist based in L.A. He has released many studio albums and singles on his label, 4AD. He has, however, released many studio albums, singles, live albums, and musical side projects through his (Now defunct) Myspace page,[1] and the merchandise stand at his tours. Many of these have been later released on 4AD, Paw Tracks, and Cooler Cat, along with a few other labels. (such as Loverboy, Oddities Sodomies, Scared Famous, FF>>, etc.). Others have been self released (Such as Gorrilla, Appaleasians Vaults, and Thrash and Burn).


Underground Discography

Most of the album titles come from the Ariel Pink Discography

Album Title Descriptions Status Year
The Nile Pan Parts 1-11 Ariel's earliest tape. Contains a sketchbook of what would later makeup his trademark sound and style Found 1996
Kids on Drugs None is currently known Lost 1996
Kraftwerk/Experiments None is currently known Lost 1996
Dove None is currently known Lost 1996
Death Dorm 1-4 None is currently known Lost 1997
Tape 1 Tape of some early recordings, issued in low quantities, distributed by mutant sounds in 2008 Found 1997
Metamorfosi / INUMI None is currently known Lost 1997
Equus 1&3 None is currently known Lost 1997
Master 1&2 None is currently known Lost 1997
Bianca Live/ Demos Punk Group Ariel was a part of in the mid-90s. Tape itself has copyright "©1997 Verycool music". Not sure if that label actually exists. Found 1997
Hum it in the Streets None is currently known Lost 1998
Ariel Rosenburg's Thrash n' Burn Pre Thrash & Burn: Pre was recorded on cassette in 1998. It was a best of, of Ariel's Papermasche work Found 1998
Gorrilla Live 1+Solo Released in full on 2013's Early Live Recordings Found 1998
Unreleased Gorrilla Tape Released on 2013's Early Live Recordings Found 1998
Gorrilla 2 None is currently known Lost 1998
Appleasians Vaults Released on the Appleasians disc of 2013's Early Live Recordings Found 1998
Appleasians Greatest Hits None is currently known Lost 1998
Haunted Graffiti- CEMETARIES/RAILROADS Early version of Underground released in 2008 on Mutant Sounds as "Underground [1998]" Found 1998
Welcome 2 Our World! A Studio album recorded by only Ariel released on tour from 1999-2000, slightly pre-dating the Haunted Graffiti work Found 1999
Appleasians LIVE / the birth of Haunted Graffiti DEMOES Released on Red Records in 2007 Found 1999
Underground DOUBLE A double album of an extended Underground, spanning 28 tracks. Lost 1999
Vital Pink Released in part alongside The Doldrums. A picture of the track list covered up by promotional art has leaked, but that does not fully show the track list. Each copy had its own track list. Possibly Found 1999
Spiers In the Snow EP Artwork for this was found alongside a copy of The Doldrums from 2000. Ariel says that the Spiers EP never fully materialized. Never really existed/kinda found? 1999
Phantasm EP An EP containing Phantasm Found 1999
Young Pilot Astray EP An EP containing Young Pilot Astray Lost 1999
Haunted Graffiti - Doldrums Sessions None is currently known Lost 1999
Haunted Graffiti - Doldrums The Second album in the Haunted Graffiti Line Found 2000
Mother Of God +S*NS - LIVE None is currently known Lost 2000
Scared Famous/FF>> A two CD set in the Haunted Graffiti series with the third and fourth albums. Found 2001
FF+ A compilation of unreleased material from the Scared Famous, and FF>> sessions Found 2001
ELAn Best of for Ariel's earlier work. Lost 2003
Yas Dudette (Mail Order Version) A hand made rarities collection offered on Ariel's now defunct Myspace page Found 2006
Hot Saucers Very similar to the merch stand version of Yas Dudette, but with an added track Found 2007
Yas Dudette (Merch Stand Version) A revised Yas Dudette with more of a best of feel, with less exclusive content Found 2007
Oddities Sodomies Vol1 A rarities and demos compilation first released in the 2008 west coast tour, later revised and released on vinyl Found 2008
Live at Pacific Palace Aids A live album of the band playing at the pacific palisades in 2008 Found 2008
Cooler Cat Bootleg Released in limited quantities as "The Reminisces EP" Found 2009
Grandes Excitos A greatest hits album, as referenced by the title Found 2009

Unreleased or Planned Releases

Album Title Descriptions Status Year
Steviepink A compilation between Ariel and R Stevie, possibly an early version of Ku Klux Glam, or maybe just the song Possibly Found 2000
Safeguards from Home (Thanx Mama I'm DEAD) video None is Currently known, presumably a safeguard from home music video Lost 2001
Ods and even Odders A rarities and live tracks comp. Partially Found 2002
Holy Shit EP The Seventh Haunted Graffiti Release Found 2003
Demolisten A recording of Ariel Live on KXLU in 2003 Found 2004
DUH! [Edition of 1] Digital remasters of a cassette called ELAn from 2004. Said by Ariel to be vastly inferior to the cassette. Extremely Limited Release Found 2008

Concert Films

Title Runtime Status Date
With Rebecca Lynn Unknown Lost 2000
Live At Topper's Lounge 42 minutes Found January 18, 2003
Live at Salvation 17 minutes Found January 26, 2003
Tonic 2004(Cam 1) 54 minutes Found November 20, 2004
Tonic 2004(Cam 2) 56 minutes Found November 20, 2004
Tonic 2005 55 minutes Found April 15, 2005
Meet The Fergursons 17 minutes Found April 30, 2005
Kitting Factory Unknown Lost February 2006
Bad Timing, Camebridge Unknown Partially Found September 6, 2006


Many of these still have yet to surface online, or anywhere else. In 2008 the blog Mutant Sounds[2] gave (No longer working) download links to Download (an alternate tape for)Hum it in the streets, Underground, Welcome 2 our world, an alternate FF with a different tracklist, and the mail order version of Yas Dudette.

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