Art Museum (lost animated "Standard Federal Bank" commercial; late 1990s)

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A Trimble Sketchup recreation of what a screenshot of the commercial may have looked like.

Status: Lost

This animated advertisement for Standard Federal Bank (a Detroit-based bank that is now Bank of America) aired at least once likely as a local funding promo on Detroit PBS station WTVS, though it may have aired instead on other Detroit-area stations, circa the late 1990s.

Supposedly, the ad started at a staircase in an art museum and panned across a hall with various art frames hung on a green wall with silhouettes of people in the foreground before ultimately arriving at an art piece of the Standard Federal Bank logo, with new-age music playing in the background. There may have been a female voiceover as well.

This commercial has yet to surface anywhere on the internet (due to the ad airing at times when recording PBS funding promos wasn't as common), though in early 2013 Lost Media Wiki contributor and the creator of this article, TheYoshiState, recreated what the ad may have looked like in maze-like fashion using the Trimble Sketchup program and uploaded it to the Trimble 3D Warehouse (a download site for models generated using Sketchup) on January 26 of that year under another username. That model can be viewed below. In addition, in September 2016, he posted a search post on a Facebook group including a link to this article, but it garnered no comments, proving further that not many people likely even remember it.

Making matters worse, it is likely that the remaining tapes of the ad that were kept by Standard Federal Bank may have been erased after Standard Federal Bank was acquired by LaSalle Bank of Chicago in 2004 or after that in 2008 after LaSalle was in turn acquired by Bank of America.

Plus, if WTVS (which is now branded as "Detroit Public TV") had kept any tapes of this ad themselves, then the fate of those tapes is unknown, especially considering that in the late 2000s the station moved out of their longtime home in Detroit's New Center area for an HDTV-capable building (as it was previously occupied by a defunct HDTV production company) in the northwestern suburb of Wixom, Michigan, those tapes may not have been brought along for this reason.

Additional Lead

A station ID used by WTVS from the early 1990s that lasted into the late 1990s shares some striking similarities with the lost Standard Federal Bank ad - mainly the museum-like environment at the beginning and the dominating green color scheme.


The WTVS ID that shares some similarities with the lost "Art Museum" commercial.

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