Astérix et la Serpe d'Or (lost animated comic book-based film; 1967)

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The original Asterix album that the movie would have been based on.

Status: Lost

In 1967, editing company Dargaud and animation studio Belvision adapted the first album of the popular Asterix series into the animated movie Asterix the Gaul. This was done by the companies' editor and CEO without the knowledge of Asterix creators René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, who only found out about it after completion.

At the same time, Dargaud and Belvision were already working on an animated movie adaptation of Astérix et La Serpe d'Or ("Asterix and the Golden Sickle" in French), the second book in the series, that would have been 68 minutes long.[1][2]

The original comic's plot was about the two Gaul protagonists, Asterix and Obelix, going to Lutecia so they could get a new golden sickle for their druid Getafix. Presumably, the film's premise would have been mostly faithful.

An adaptation of Asterix and the Big Fight was also intended.


However, Goscinny and Uderzo were displeased by how the first movie turned out - especially because of how cheap and simplistic the animation was.

When they saw a projection of the almost-finished Golden Sickle movie, they were shocked by how hideous and poorly animated it was. They asked for all of the negatives of the Golden Sickle movie to be destroyed and for their editor, Dargaud, to forget about the project and cease production on the Big Fight film.

Many decades later, Uderzo himself commented;

"From a technical point of view, it is dreadful, it is ugly!"


To this day, all that has been released to the public are some celluloids that were showcased at a 2005 convention in Brussels, Belgium, called Asterix: The Mirror World (Astérix: le Monde Miroir).

Unfortunately, any other work that was completed may be permanently lost. Asterix and the Big Fight would eventually get a screened animated feature adaptation in 1989.

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