Aus Tausend und Ein Tag (partially found Germany stop-motion TV series based on The Thousand and One Days; 1976-1977)

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Aus Tausend und Ein Tag Title.jpg

Title Card of the series

Status: Partially Found

Aus Tausend und Ein Tag (a.k.a Aus 1001 Tag, translation "The Tales from 1001 Days") is a German stop-motion TV series aired by Germany TV broadcasters SWR (Südwestrundfunk) and BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk) between 1976 and 1977 and produced by Kelir Trickfilm G.M.B.H., based on The Thousand and One Days (Les mille et un jours), a collection of stories written by 18th century French orientalist François Pétis de la Croix. The show was distributed by German international distribution company Transtel (now Deutsche Welle) to Arabic countries such as Iraq and Lebanon, China, Malaysia[1], and Uruguay in the 1980s, where it was dubbed and aired.


"Princess Zulekha sees a handsome prince one day from behind a rose and falls in love at first sight. Since then, the princess has been in love with the strange prince, and she grows weaker and weaker day by day. The clever servants decide to make her forget about the prince by telling her the story of The Thousand and One Days, based on Thousand and One Nights."


  • Cast - E.Müller, Kath-Meyer
  • Animation - X. Bachmer
  • Editor - T. Mensens
  • Production Manager - U. Schenk
  • Music - Haensch-Conzelmann
  • Camera - K, Fraunholz
  • Director - W. Pfäffinger

Episode List

# Original Title English Translation Original Air Date[2] Based Status
1 Die Pantoffeln des Geizigen The Slippers of the Miser Dec 5, 1976 Story of the Old Slippers[3] Lost
2 Die Geschichte vom Kadi, der in die eigene Grube fiel The Story of the Kadi who fell into his Own pit Dec 12, 1976 Unknown Found (Arabic dub)
3 Die Geschichte von der schönen und treuen Aruja The Story of the beautiful and Faithful Aruja Dec 19, 1976 Unknown Lost
4 Der fliegende Koffer The Flying Suitcase Dec 26, 1976 Story of Malek and the Princess Schirine[4] Lost
5 Die Geschichte Vom Weisen Al Sid The Story of the Wise Al Sid Jan 2, 1977 Unknown Partially Found (Arabic dub)
6 Die Geschichte vom Derwisch Abunadar The Story of the Dervish Abunadar Jan 9, 1977 Unknown Lost
7 Die Listige Frau The Cunning Woman Jan 16, 1977 Unknown Found
8 Seltsame Geschichten Aus Kaz Vin Strange stories from Kaz Vin Jan 23, 1977 Unknown Lost
9 Die Leute aus Kaz Vin The People from Kaz Vin Jan 30, 1977 Unknown Lost


On November 19, 2016, YouTube user mimu9370 uploaded the complete video of the original German dub of episode 7.

YouTube user Iyad Hussein (اياد حسين) uploaded Arabic dubs of a partial recording of episode 5 on November 1, 2016 and episode 7 on May 24, 2020, re-dubbed by his team. On August 25, 2019, YouTube user Ali Sadik Archive uploaded video of the Arabic dub of episode 2.

The original German dub of the episodes currently available online is only in episode 7, and the original German dub of episode 5 and 2 are not available, although the Arabic re-dubbed version frrom episode 5 by Iyad Hussein was probably dubbed from the original German dub.

According to mimu9370, SWR has a service (now closed) where one can order recordings of the show, and presumably he ordered episodes 5 and 7 and provided both resources to Iyad Hussein. mimu9370 also said that SWR's archive only owns 4 episodes of the show. He said that he may possibly own the show's archive at BR as well[5].


Original German dub of episode 7 uploaded by mimu9370.

Arabic dub of episode 2 uploaded by Ali Sadik Archive.

Arabic re-dubbing of episode 5 by Iyad Hussein and his team.


In China, the show aired on Guangdong Television on November 29, 1983[6]. A series of children's books based on the show were also published in China in April 1985 by a company called Tianjin People Art Publishing[7].

Only the opening and partial screenshots of episode 2 as it aired in China, and a TV guide newspaper featuring the show are available on the Internet[8].

A footage of the opening of episode 2.


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