BBC iD on CBBC (partially found children’s website; 2009-2013)

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CBBCBunny Screenshot.jpg

Screenshot of the 35-sec introductory video.

Status: Partially Found

"BBC iD on CBBC" also known as "CBBC Identity" [1] or simply "CBBC iD" was an online service, similar to BBC iD, but primarily aimed towards people under the age of 12, available from 2009 until 2013. [2]


The system was used in order for the demographic to get access to exclusive stuff from the CBBC website. It would also allow users to transfer the data from all their accounts into their new BBC iD account, not to mention they have a tool specifically to allow users change their username and their screen name.[3] And there was also an introductory video based upon what you can do in regards to the BBC iD account at the CBBC website. However, there is only one .swf file titled "idAnim" still archived and available within the Web Archive website, and that is the introductory video.[4]

The website was then shut down in 2013 and ditched upon the announcement of the newly renovated BBC iD website.[5]


"BBC iD on CBBC" is archived within the Wayback Machine services but doesn't fully load some of the assets such as the SWFs due to one of them not being archived. However, only screenshots of the SWFs such as the transfer tool can be found.[6]

But that was until the 28th of October 2022, a YouTuber user by the moniker of [kerpobarchive] has uploaded the entire introductory video upon realizing that the only .swf file within the video has been archived, only for the upload to be pulled off YouTube precisely two and a half months later. He then reuploaded the video on Vimeo only a couple of weeks after his immediate removal from YouTube. So far, the .swf file to the "transfer tool" website has yet to be found in the future.




[FULLY FOUND] BBC iD on CBBC - Introduction


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