BEEBOs (found Cartoon Network Power Play game; 2003)

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The game’s title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 09 Nov 2018

Found by: Mega

In 2003, Cartoon Network created a service called Cartoon Network PowerPlay. The service provided downloadable games, often based on webgames on the Cartoon Network website, but with additional levels or content (one example is Dexter’s Labyrinth.)

Other games on the service were originals. One example is BEEBOs, which is based on The Powerpuff Girls, and was developed by Skunk Studios (who also developed the games Gutterball and Qbeez, as well as another PowerPlay game called Bowl-Ed Over!)


Here is the original description of BEEBOs from Cartoon Network PowerPlay.

"Professor Utonium's new invention--the BEEBO--is the cutest critter in Townsville. As the Powerpuff Girls cheer you on, grab as many BEEBOs as you can by clicking on matching groups. Choose from several game options to create the perfect BEEBOs challenge for you!"[1][2]


BEEBOs is a PowerPlay game which was developed by Skunk Studios, and is based on The Powerpuff Girls episode “Pet Feud.”

The game is similar to Qbeez, but it is themed after the Powerpuff Girls. The player can click on a matching color group of three or more BEEBOs, then they’ll disappear. If the player manages to clear the board, then they will be rewarded with an animation of the BEEBOs.


The Cartoon Network PowerPlay games were eventually discontinued, and the games are no longer purchasable. A time limited free trial of BEEBOs was found on the Wayback Machine. The trial limitations were later removed by user TOMYSSHADOW.


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