Babe: Pig in the City (partially found original PG cut of comedy-drama film; 1998)

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'Babe: Pig in the City' Poster.

Status: Partially Found

Babe: Pig in the City is a 1998 comedy-drama film and the sequel to the 1995 film Babe. It is co-written, produced, and directed by George Miller, who also co-wrote and produced the original film. Prior to the film's theatrical release, it was originally rated PG by the MPAA, but due to a number of intense scenes that frightened younger viewers at a test screening, it was later re-edited to a G-rating.[1][2] A few of these deleted scenes can be seen in some TV spots or trailers.

List of Deleted Scenes

  • A more intense scene of Arthur Hoggett's injury in the well, which included Arthur Hoggett's blood-curdling screams during the accident and the aftermath, when Esme discovers Arthur & Babe in the well. in earlier versions of the film. Arthur Hoggett was to be killed off during this scene. The Director George Miller stated that the sound of the impact of the pump falling onto Arthur's head was toned down due the test audience thinking Arthur was dead afterward.
  • A scene where Esme Hoggett is strip searched. Most of it was cut after preview showings, however, there was a scene in the cinema release where the woman who asked her to remove her clothes snaps a rubber glove on her hand before entering the room after Esme.
  • Originally, instead of Babe tripping Fugly up, his suspenders caught on the cannon and he tripped himself up, pushing Babe into the fire. This was reshot to show Babe tripping Fugly up.
  • A scene where Esme fights blindly for her purse with the bucket of glue on her head so she accidentally strikes a police officer. This was cut for obvious reasons. Some other bits were cut from this scene as well. Including Esme being violently tackled by the cops
  • A scene of Esme in prison. In this scene, she pleads her innocence in her cell, only to get the attention of a cellmate, who clamps her hand over Esme's mouth, presumably attacking her. All of the Prison Scenes were cut for being far too dark.
  • A scene where Babe is clamoring for a reward while Fugly Floom eats dinner, During this scene, He is shown drinking beer & chain smoking, Then the monkeys build a pyramid of junk, food, cans, and boxes which they trick Babe into climbing and falling from the window into the canal. Then Thelonius argues with the Chimpanzees to defend Fugly, Babe returns & interrupts them & is thrown back out the window. Mickey Rooney had more screen time during this scene but his role was ultimately reduced in the final cut as Fugly was deemed "too disturbing" for the younger audience. During the scene, he received an irate phone call from the hospital for the fire. Footage of this can be seen in the promotional materials for the film. The whole sequence was cut out to eliminate all screentime & references to Fugly Floom. The aftermath is shown in the final film however.
  • A scene taking place in Chinatown where Ferdinand squawks at the sight of a restaurant window full of Peking ducks. This would have happened after the gun club scene
  • A scene where the landlady holds Fugly's hand as he dies. This later alludes to the scene where the landlady says her uncle Fugly's on his deathbed.
  • An extended, more intense scene of the drowning pit bull, including some extra dialogue from Bob: "Let him die... He deserves it."
  • A more brutal and intense scene where the men attack and remove the animals and dump them in the vans and cages. This was shortened because kids felt it was too brutal. The Cop shoots at Ferdinand & Babe until the pitbull jumps on and savages him until he is pulled off & has a muzzle placed on him.
  • A scene which showed what the facility for the animals was, featuring rabbits smoking cigarettes and hair products being tested on cats.
  • A brief bit before Esme Hoggett & The Landlady set off to find the animals. Esme's dress shattered due to the glue. Deleted for obvious reasons. This scene is mentioned in the novel & script
  • A "Chase" Scene with Esme & The Landlady on the clown bike being pursued by the biker thugs who mugged Esme earlier. A subtle nod to George Miller's Mad Max Series. This scene was removed from early versions of the film for being extremely violent & to avoid a "PG-13" Rating.
  • A scene before the ballroom rescue scene where, after Esme gets grabbed by her suspenders and she falls back, the two waiters outside the door stand for a moment then approach the door and Esme bursts through it again, making them fall back.
    Trick Stockings.png
  • An extended scene in the ballroom where, after Esme knocks the waiter off the ladder, the chef who originally had Babe grabs her "trick stockings", which stretch, The waiter who pulled her suspender earlier joins, and they swing her around the edge of the ballroom until Babe knocks them over, snapping the stockings. The Waiter who she pushed off the ladder grabs onto her & pulls the Do Not Pull Label off her Big Trousers before she pushes him off of her. This scene was cut due to pacing issues. as well as sexual overtones & is the most well-known cutscene. This can also be seen in the promotional materials. The aftermath of this scene is still in the film as Esme Hoggett is suddenly not wearing any Shoes & panting heavily & the Waiter now has the Do Not Pull Label in his hands.
  • A scene after the ballroom rescue, where Hortense discovers her husband, Roger, dead, who had been presumably killed by Esme & The Landlady as revenge for having the animals removed. Cut early during the making of the film. This explains the quick fade out after she shouts "Roger, ROGER!!!!!!!"


Below is a Trailer for the film. It shows moments from the scenes described above.