Baby Einstein: World of Colors (partially found direct-to-DVD video; 2009)

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A screenshot from a recovered puppet show.

Status: Partially Found

Baby Einstein is a line of short films that aim to stimulate and educate infants and toddlers. Each video in the series featured puppet shows, classical music, toys, and an overall educational theme. The series released new videos from 1996 to 2013, though most of the later years of the series focused on re-releases. On the DVDs of some 2009 re-releases, a trailer for a new Baby Einstein video was featured, though this video was never released and remains lost.


A trailer for a new Baby Einstein film, titled Baby Einstein: World of Colors, was featured on the 2009 DVD re-releases for Baby MacDonald[1] and My First Signs[2].

On September 25, 2009, a blog post was made by the official Baby Einstein Blog teased the release of Baby Einstein: World of Colors. In the post, they mention that filming had been completed, and it was set for a 2010 release.

It occurred to us that there are so many vibrant, bold colors represented across the globe, why not introduce those shades as represented by different cultures? That’s how we came up with the concept behind World of Colors, our newest DVD coming in 2010![3]

Though the 2010 release date came and went, the film was never released. A DVD was released in 2010 with the same title, but it was a rehash of Baby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh.

In 2016, a large discovery was found when a YouTube user by the name of GeorgeBonouki IsBack found the puppet shows on Baby Einstein's Facebook page, and had originally uploaded the footage until his account was terminated. The puppet shows were later uploaded to Internet Archive[4]. The puppet shows featured a peacock puppet as the host, with the host going through a variety of sequences relating to color. It is assumed that all puppet shows have been released online, though the remainder of the show remains lost.

A toy of the puppet host was created, likely around the time that the film was meant to be released[5].



All of the puppet shows featured in Baby Einstein: World of Colors.

2009 trailer for Baby Einstein: World of Colors.