Baby Makes Five (partially found television sitcom; 1983)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Baby Makes Five was a short-lived sitcom that ran in April 1983 created by Sy Rosen and starring Peter Scolari, replacing Benson as a try-out show for the spring season. Its five episodes were filmed in front of a live audience. The first episode did reasonably well in the Nielsen ratings, ranking 23rd and winning its time slot, but each episode after fell in the rankings and it was not picked up after the initial five episodes. Since this initial run, it does not appear to have ever aired again and has never been available to stream or to purchase.|


Accountant Eddie Riddle was the young husband who found his family growing faster than expected - his wife Jennie was about to give birth to twins to add to the three small children already creating havoc in their household. [1]

The exact premises for each episode are only known through a book called "Forgotten Laughs: An Episode Guide to 150 TV Sitcoms You Probably Never Saw" which bases its descriptions off of final script drafts. [2]


It was produced by Alan Landsburg Productions and Mort Lachman & Associates, both of which are defunct and no longer producing material. Alan Landsburg Productions was eventually purchased by Thames Television which then was folded into Fremantle. After various emails with the media handlers at Fremantle, it was confirmed that they do possess all five episodes of the show, but as of yet, there are no plans to release them.

# Episode Title Original Air Date Status Comment
1 Pilot April 1st, 1983 Found Available through Internet Archive
2 Eddie's Night Out April 8th, 1983 Lost No photos or video found
3 Jennie Gets A Job April 15th, 1983 Lost No photos or video found
4 The Matchmakers April 22nd, 1983 Partially Found Short 5-minute clip exists on Youtube with 1.5 minutes of commercials
5 Jennie's Old Flame April 29th, 1983 Lost No photos or videos found