Back and In Attack (lost unreleased Milli Vanilli comeback album; 1998)

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Milli Vanilli

Status: Lost

"Back and In Attack" was the name an album made by the duo Milli Vanilli, which was planned to be released in 1998, until it was shelved after the death of co-singer Rob Pilatus.


Milli Vanilli was a popular duo made up of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus under the wing of Frank Farian, known for previous projects such as Boney M, infamous for Farian being the real voice behind the band. In the late 80's they had multiple chart-topping hits, like "Girl You Know It's True" and "Blame It On The Rain", putting them in the spotlight. One night, at the Lake Compounce theme park, while they were performing "Girl You Know It's True", their backing track skipped, and it looked like the singers were repeatedly singing "Girl you know it's.." over and over again. It soon broke out that not only were they lip syncing that performance, but their careers were based on lip syncing, as they could barely speak English, and the songs were actually performed by various other singers.[1] Because of this, Milli Vanilli was practically over, as their sales plummeted and they were shunned by the public, with only a few songs and albums being released, which sold incredibly poorly.


Years later, in 1997, the duo got back together to record a comeback album called "Back and In Attack". Rob Pilatus, one of the singers of Milli Vanilli, had multiple personal problems throughout the years, however. He abused of drugs and committed different crimes, including even making a terrorist threat.[2] This ultimately caused him to get arrested, where Fab Morvan had to bail him out. On April 2nd, 1998, a day before the album's promotion, Pilatus was found dead from an accidental drug overdose, in his hotel in Frankfurt, Germany.[3].


Due to Pilatus' death, the album was shelved and therefore never released. While there may be a chance that in the future it could be released or remade, thanks to co-singer Fab Morvan still having a solo career and possible access to the album, it's unlikely.

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