Baggy Trousers (partially found pilot of "The Inbetweeners" British teen sitcom; 2006)

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Labelled image of the main characters in the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

The Inbetweeners is a British teen sitcom originally aired on Channel Four's sister station "E4" The Inbetweeners was E4's first self-commissioned comedy and was not an instant success, however is now a British Classic and one of the best comedies made in Britain. The pilot for the show however, has only been seen by few, at one point leaking to the public, but only a few had watched it before swiftly getting taken down, and not being archived to fan knowledge. The pilot was directed by Iain Morris and Damon Beesley and is titled Baggy Trousers.


  • Matt Green as William.[1]
  • James Buckley as Robin. (Neil’s pre-character)[2]
  • Darcy Thomas as Lee (Jay’s pre-character).[3]
  • Laura Aikman as Carly. [4]
  • Lysette Anthony as Will's Mum. [5]
  • Adam Joselyn as Simon.[6]


The plot for the pilot is a mix of the first episode of the show "First Day" and the second episode "Bunk Off." In this pilot, the four main characters decide to bunk off school. starting with Simon calling up the school pretending to be his own mother, claiming the boys are ill, however, the head of sixth, Gilbert, knows its simon calling up.

They then meet up with Robin outside the off-licence. William then goes to go into the off-license and buys alcohol.

The boys then retreat to Robin's house to drink the illegally bought alcohol. Whilst the boys are drunk, they convince Simon to tell Carly how much he loves her. But then, Robin's dad enters the house and gets the boys out due to them going round drunk and bunking off.

The boys then go round to Carly's house and convince Simon to write on her driveway in pen. However. Carly spots Simon vandalising her drive, but suprisingly thinks its sweet, and invites him round her house later on in the night.

Will and Simon, in preperation, believe they should drink as much as they can to get ready to go round Carly's. They go round Carly's house extremely drunk, and it ends up with Simon vomiting everywhere.

The boys return to Will’s house where Robin’s Dad, Will's Mum, and Simon's Mum and Dad are waiting for them. They are reprimanded and Simon accuses Robin’s Dad of touching them inappropriately. However, this claim is not taken appropriately.

The next day at school; Gilbert takes Simon and Will to the headmaster’s office. [7]


The pilot is approximately 25 minutes long, co-produced by Young Films (the producers of many more Inbetweeners content) and that at least two people are in possession of the show. One being an animator for the title cards, and the other being James Buckley. They both have posted the episode once, but both have deleted the link and upload. The illustrator for the title cards has been contacted, he claims he may still have the files on a hard drive in his attic, however it would be difficult to find it and he was asked to take down the show before, meaning he does not want to share any videos, in legal worry. James Buckley also had posted a link to twitter. However, the tweet and Vimeo video has been removed. We also know what the script may be like, due to an article being made by "INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTS" (check citation 2.).


A compilation of clips that have been found. Including the I love Carli driveway scene, the character introductions and Neil’s speech from "Fwends Reunited".

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