Battle Mii (lost Wii U tech demo; 2011)

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Battle Mii Screenshot.png

Screenshot of Battle Mii.

Status: Lost

Battle Mii was a tech demo for Nintendo's Wii U that was shown at E3 2011.[1] The demo was meant to demonstrate how the Wii U's gamepad is meant to enhance gameplay and could also be played with Wii remotes.


In the demo, two Miis dressed as Samus from Metroid ran around a large level while shooting enemies, targets, or each other. Additionally, a third player could control Samus' gunship and attempt to defeat the other two players.


In the 2012 Wii U launch title Nintendo Land, there was a minigame called "Metroid Blast" that expanded and refined this concept. However, the original tech demo has never resurfaced.


Gameplay footage.

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