Bear in Underwear (partially found animated pilot; 2015)

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Bear-in-Underwear-post.jpg's profile picture for the pilot episode.

Status: Partially Found

Bear in Underwear was a failed 12 minute pilot for Amazon Prime Video that premiered on June 26th, 2015 and was available on the service until September 25th, 2015.[1] The episode is based on a children's book by Todd H. Doodler and was produced by Amazon Studios.

Most of the pilot is lost. However, three short scenes are available on Amazon's YouTube page.

Cast and Crew

  • Directed by Gavin Dell
  • Written and executive produced by Todd Harris Goldman and Dave Schiff
  • Produced by Michael Penketh
  • Animation produced by Evan Adler
  • Casting and voice direction by Sam Riegel
  • Music by Andy Bean
  • Theme song was written by Cameron Halsey; performed by Sam Riegel and Cameron Halsey

Featuring the voices of:

    • Griffin Burns as Eddie
    • Kath Soucie as Rossman
    • Catherine Taber as Quinn
    • Ben Diskin as Virgil / Possum
    • Jess Harnell Ron / Bigfoot
    • Brad Grusnick as Lou
    • Ali Hillis as Eloise


"Summer Is Over."

"Testing the Hat."


All available footage combined.