Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (lost Japan-exclusive FOMA 900i action role-playing game; 2004)

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Before crisis ff7 logo.jpeg

The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (Japanese: ビフォア クライシス -ファイナルファンタジーVII- ) was a mobile action role playing video game for the FOMA service in Japan. This game was apart of the compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It was developed by Square Enix and was released for FOMA in 2004, Yahoo keitai and AUez web in 2007. This game requires an mobile connection and would only be playable through a subscription to Square Enix's mobile service called Final Fantasy Mobile. Final Fantasy Mobile's service was terminated on March 31st, 2018.[1] No archive or back up of this game exists.


You play as the Turks who each have their own combat style, back story and more. The game was set before the event of Final Fantasy VII and featured new and returning characters from the Final Fantasy VII series. The Turks are on a mission in the city of Midgar to investigate the activities of AVALANCHE.


At first the game was available on September 24th, 2004 only for service in Japan called FOMA only at the time for 900i series. To download the game, the user would need to pay for a online subscription service called Final Fantasy Mobile. However the game became a success and the compatibility of the game expanded to more services and more phone models as they were made. After the success of the game, it also became available for Yahoo and AUez web in 2017.


Square Enix announced that the service for FF mobile would end on March 31st 2018. It also stated that the Final Fantasy Mobile membership information (income points, purchase history, etc.) and installed apps will not be available. This would mean that even having the game installed on the phone after this date it would not start up.


Chapter one gameplay footage (part 1/2).

Chapter one gameplay footage (part 2/2).

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