Beware of Dog (partially found Animal Planet sitcom; 2002)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Beware of Dog is a 2002 American sitcom TV series produced by Animal Planet, and directed by Richard Martin. The series premiered its first and last episodes on August 13th, 2002. The series was the first sitcom and scripted show aired by the channel as Animal Planet was eager for the debut of the series. The show received mainly negative reviews from critics, which resulted in the series never airing again.[1][2] Only two of the seven planned episodes aired, and it's unlikely any of the episodes will resurface due to the show's unpopularity.


The show was about a bearded collie named Jack as he watched the daily lives of his new human family. The show is narrated by Jack, who spoke in a similar way to the Look Who's Talking films. The series began by showing how Jack gets in the hands of his new family, by faking an injury while in a grocery store's parking lot to persuade a character named Jessica to take him home.


# Episode Title Air Date Status Info
S1-1 "Born to Be Wild" Aug 13th, 2002 Lost While out looking for a home, Jack stands behind the Poole's car as teenage Jessica is backing out of her parking spot at the grocery store. Jack feigns injury in hopes of being taken home and made a part of the family. He gets his wish, and although the family plans on keeping him just until he recovers, Jack has other plans.
S1-2 "Hit the Road Jack" Aug 13th, 2002 Lost After Jack ruins Mr. Poole's anniversary plans, he is promptly kicked out of the house. But soon after, the family realize how much they miss him and head out to try and bring him back home.
S1-3 Unknown title Unaired Lost
S1-4 Unknown title Unaired Lost
S1-5 Unknown title Unaired Lost
S1-6 Unknown title Unaired Lost
S1-7 Unknown title Unaired Lost




A few promos for the show (starting at 11:15 and 18:23).

A commercial for the show.


BrayBray's video on the subject.


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