Big Bear (partially found Avenged Sevenfold demo; 2007)

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A7x alpoh.jpg

The band during recording sessions for the song.

Status: Partially Found

Big Bear is a partially found demo from American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. The demo is for the band's song "A Little Piece of Heaven," released on their self-titled album in 2007.[1]


The song was envisioned by their former drummer, James "The Rev" Sullivan, in a dream while staying in a cabin called Big Bear with the rest of the band.[1] The demo consisted of The Rev playing piano, drums, and singing. The song ended up taking on a larger persona, with lead singer, M Shadows, later saying:

"No one really wanted to work on it, because it was a big ordeal to work on. Even at one point, Jimmy said "We shouldn’t even record Big Bear (the song’s Working Title); I don’t even wanna record it." When we went to record for real, I was like "Dude… We got to record Big Bear, dude; if not for any other reason but I wanna listen to it."[2]

Breakdown Episode

For a special Halloween edition of their behind the scenes series Breakdown, the band decided to do an in-depth breakdown of the song "A Little Piece of Heaven." During the episode, clear snippets of the demo Big Bear are played to show how to song evolved. While the demo is included, only a short amount is played clearly before being delegated to being background music for a portion of the episode. This shows that the band does in fact still have the Big Bear demo.


A proper release of the demo is unknown. The band, for their second album Waking the Fallen, released a special deluxe edition for the album's 10th anniversary containing never before heard demos and rarities.[3] Fans can only hope for a similar reissue for the band's self-titled album.


The Breakdown episode for "A Little Piece of Heaven."

All of the available audio of Big Bear.