Big Sister & Little Brother (partially found English dub of "Storasyster & Lillebror" animated series; 1997)

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Big Sister Little Brother Hole Title Card.png

Title card for "The Hole."

Status: Partially Found

Storasyster & Lillebror is a 1997 Swedish animated children's television series created by Wegelius Animation based on the series of children's books of the same name by Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson. An English dub under the name Big Sister & Little Brother aired as part of Mister Moose's Fun Time in 1998, and later on PBS Kids Sprout between 2005 and 2009.

All that have surfaced of the English dub are four full episodes and a clip from another have surfaced, and there are no known home media releases of it. It is also unknown how many episodes of the show were dubbed.


# English title Swedish title Status (English)
1 Unknown Glassen Lost
2 The Radio Radion Found
3 Unknown Hallonen Partially Found
4 Unknown Prutten Lost
5 The Hole Gropen Found
6 The Nursery School Dagiset Found
7 Unknown Snutten Lost
8 Unknown Dammsugaren Lost
9 The Fancy Dress Chest Maskeradlådan Lost
10 Unknown Barnvakten Lost
11 Unknown Presenterna Lost
12 Unknown Vattnar Lost
13 The Postcard Vykortet Found
14 Unknown Kurragömma Lost
15 Unknown Gosar Lost
16 Unknown Dummisarna Lost
17 Unknown Hunden Lost
18 Unknown Ritar Lost
19 Unknown Svamparna Lost
20 Unknown Myran Lost
21 Unknown Tomten Partially Found
22 Unknown Pussarna Lost
23 Unknown Kompisen Lost
24 Unknown Fantasidagen Lost
25 Unknown Gömma Nyckel Lost
26 Unknown Flytvästen Lost


"The Nursery School" ("Dagiset").

Full English dub of "The Radio" (Original title: "Radion").

A clip from the English dub of "Hallonen".

"The Hole" ("Gropen").