Big Windup! (partially found alternate English dubs of anime series; late 2000s)

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DVD Cover For Series.

Status: Partially Found

Big Windup!, also known as Okiku Furikabutte and Ofuri , is a Japanese anime series adapted from Asa Higuchi's manga of the same name. Produced by A-1 Pictures, the initial series ran for 25 episodes on TBS between April 12th and September 27th, 2007. It later inspired a direct-to-video episode and a second season. Texas-based anime distributor Funimation Entertainment licensed the first season for North American release in 2008 and released an English dub with local talent in 2009.

A separate English dub was produced for the South East Asian market. Recorded in Hong Kong at Red Angel Media, the series debuted on Animax Asia on August 13th, 2008.[1][2] It starred Russel Wait and Matt Bailey.[3] It's not known if the dub progressed beyond the show's initial season.

A third English adaptation was produced by Ocean Productions in Vancouver, Canada. Information regarding this dub is limited to the resume of actor Michael Coleman, who lists himself as the lead, Ren Mihashi, and the project as having been directed by Karl Willems.[4] As Coleman didn't specify, whether this product was limited to just a pilot remains a mystery.

Neither dub has a known home video release. Only a small clip from Red Angel Media's sizzle reel has surfaced from the Animax dub.


An Animax Asia promo for the show.

Footage from the Hong Kong dub starts at 1:44.