Biggs' Adventure (partially found wraparound segments and trailers for Kidtoon matinee event; 2004-2005)

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The logo for Biggs' Adventure.

Status: Partially Found

Biggs' Adventure was a matinee event for Kidtoon Films movies that were shown at Regal theaters. The movies that were a part of it were Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, and The Golden Blaze.

In the lost media hunting community, the event is most infamous for its many 3-D animated trailers which aired before some kids' movies at Regal theaters.


Many contemporary accounts of the trailers for Biggs' Adventure exist, along with some recollections many years later. Most people who saw the trailers saw them before showings of The Incredibles at Regal theaters, although they were also shown before Pooh's Heffalump Movie.[1]

In February 2022, Lost Media Wiki user PsychloA113 received a copy of the Biggs' Adventure trailers from someone who worked on the project, but he would not clear a public release due to legal concerns. He described the trailers as a concept pilot for a series of shorts that would have been shown during the First Look pre-shows (presumably during the Biggs' Adventure matinees) that didn't get picked up.

Almost all information below on the plot for the Biggs' Adventure comes from these trailers and is thus confirmed.


All trailers feature a deep-voiced narrator, and seem to have ended on the logo for Biggs' Adventure.

Three trailers for Biggs' Adventure introduced its cast of three kids; "The Genius," a girl named Eadie (motto: "Everything is possible"), "The Tech Whiz," a girl named Rya, (motto: "I could've built Rome in a day"), and Eadie's big brother Jake "The Adventurer" (motto: "I live for this!"). Eadie has designed a "hero machine" that Rya builds, and Eadie plans to use Jake as a "guinea pig" to test it on. A pounding sound, presumably from Biggs, separates each trailer.

One trailer shows a mouse walking across a desert ground, when a series of footsteps shake the ground. The camera then zooms out to reveal that the mouse was walking across the logo for Biggs' Adventure.

Another trailer has Jake leading Rya and Eadie into a tree to meet Biggs, calling out to him. The other kids note that they can't see Biggs, but at the end of the trailer, Biggs' eye can be seen poking out from behind the trees and Jake greets him. (There may have been two separate versions of this trailer, one in which Biggs can't be seen and one in which he can, but only the version where Biggs can be seen can be confirmed). This last trailer ended with "The Biggest Character. The Biggest Screens. Coming Soon"

This next trailer may not have been shown before The Incredibles, due to a lack of mentions of its contents airing there, but was said to have been shown before Pooh's Heffalump Movie (in fact, it is likely that the trailer was produced long after the previously mentioned trailers). In it, the narrator explains that Biggs is "a Bigfoot, otherwise known as a Sasquatch, distant relative to the Abominable Snowman, and often confused with the Missing Link." He then explains how Biggs has been responsible for many of the greatest mysteries of history, creating the Pyramids of Giza as a sand castle, building Stonehenge so he could lie down and watch the stars, causing UFO sightings when he threw rocks, and being identified as the Loch Ness Monster when he was taking a swim. After this spiel (including repeating the bit about what Biggs is), the narrator cuts to Jake leading Rya up a hill to see Biggs, with Eadie following along and complaining about having to go. At first Rya can't see him, but soon Rya and Eadie are able to see him and marvel at the sight. Jake then introduces him as Biggs and we see his toes holding a flower, causing him to sneeze (which gets blamed on the El Nino). The kids then grab on to Biggs' feet while he jumps around, and a song plays in the background. It then cuts to a shot of the world, which is how the trailer opened, and the narrator then expresses the marvel of the world and that "the world is a Biggs' Adventure." It is then explained that Biggs' Adventure is a matinee showing of G-rated movies.[2]

Other trailers which are unaccounted for

In addition to these trailers, one viewer reported a trailer where the three kids sit down to watch the movie, in which two of them argue and the third wants them to stop. That viewer also reported a variation of the trailer in which Biggs' eye pokes out in which Biggs doesn't show up, which may have been a simple edit of the known trailer. [3]

Contemporary reception

Reception to the trailers was mostly negative, with almost all contemporary reports complaining about the sheer number of trailers shown and their poor quality. [4]

Other Biggs' Adventure media

Previews for the three movies that were shown as part of the event beginning with a bumper consisting of the logo for Biggs' Adventure, with a voiceover saying "Biggs' Adventure is the place to be for weekend matinees" have been found and are publicly available. Additionally, the website for Biggs' Adventure has been archived, though its images aren't. There is, however, a screenshot for what the website would have looked like, depicting Biggs himself, found as part of the trademark listing for Biggs' Adventure.



Trailer for Candy Land: The Great Lollipop Adventure, with a brief mention at the beginning for Biggs' Adventure.

Trailer for Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, with the same mention for Biggs' Adventure (with a different voiceover).

Trailer for The Golden Blaze, with the same mention for Biggs' Adventure (with another different voiceover).

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