Bill Body: Crazy World of Sports (partially found animated series; 1992-1993)

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The only VHS known.

Status: Partially Found

Bill Body: Crazy World of Sports (original title: Bill Body - Verrückte Welt des Sports, aka just as Bill Body) is a Swiss-German animated series that originally aired in 1992-1993, with allegedly 52 episodes. It was part of a whole toy franchise, Bill Body der "Super" Sportler ("Bill Body the Super Sportsman") promoted in the chocolate Kinder products.


It centered on sportsman Bill Body, who lives with his friends on Body Island, where all of the society is based on sports. Bill tries/has to master as many sports as possible, but his clumsiness, bad luck, and over-confidence often get in the way.

Bill has a wife, Betsy, with several children. His friends include the strong Hulk and inventor Bingo.

The series was also dubbed at least in French, English and in Portuguese, in addition to its native German.


Bill Body was created by René Lehner, a Swiss cartoonist.

The animation was handled by Jade Animation, a Chinese studio.

English dubbing was done at Hollywood Recording Services.

Home Video Release

The only home video version that seems to exist is a single German-language VHS that is found on different auction sites; contributor The Reynard bought one and discovered the anthology episode where the shorts come from, plus an unknown episode (where Bill Body is shipwrecked in a tropical island, meeting some natives). He also distinctly remembers watching an episode in the mid-1990s where Bill Body had to take on sumo-wrestling, but couldn't get fat enough to even face his opponent.


The series has become very obscure over the years, not even having an IMDb entry or Wikipedia page (any language).

Of the alleged 52 episodes, only a few have resurfaced. A couple of episodes dubbed in Portuguese have managed to find their way on the Internet, along with several short segments that constituted an anthology episode.

Between May and June of 2017, English-dubbed episodes 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34 have been uploaded to YouTube channel Film&Clips. Those include end credits that give information on production.


Episode 27: "Highland Games."

Episode 28: "Seconds Out."

Episode 29: "Dances With Buffalo."

Episode 30: "Italian Greyhound".

Episode 31: "Bodywatch."

Episode 32: "Land Speed Record."

Episode 33: "My Poor Old Treasure."

Episode 34: "Trouble on the Croquet Lawn."

A Portuguese-dubbed episode.

Another Portuguese-dubbed episode.

Clips/Other Videos

The German-language intro.

Part of the English-language intro.

Short from an anthology episode.

Short from an anthology episode.

Short from an anthology episode.

Short from an anthology episode.

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