Bimbos in Time (lost Todd Sheets movie; 1993)

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Status: Lost

Bimbos in Time is the third film in the Todd Sheets' Bimbo Trilogy.

The Plot

When Salacious Thatch starts up an old nuclear reactor, it opens a time portal, sucking our favorite Buxom Beauties into another dimension and spiraling them through time! Along the way they meet King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Matt Dillon, a whole gang of gunfighters... and even ELVIS! Forget about Bill and Ted, these Bimbos know how to have an excellent adventure![1]


For four decades, prolific B-movie filmmaker Todd Sheets has released over a string of shot-on-video movies, most of which are commercially available, but incredibly rare to find, and for some, end up completely lost in time. Despite being more known for working under the horror genre, Sheets released his first post-apocalyptic action comedies Bimbos B.C. and Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City, in the early 1990s, about a trio of bimbos that end up in the distant future where they go up against zombies, cyborgs, and all various monsters of any genre. Both of these movies were released on VHS, although physical copies that can be found are diamonds in the rough. Mill Creek eventually released both movies on DVD, found in their 50 Horror movie collections. Little did they know however that there was ever a third sequel in the Bimbos Trilogy, where the titular characters travel through time, and hijinks ensue!

The third movie of the series was advertised in the comic book of the same name, published by the independently owned Draculina.[2] However, the movie seems to be currently lost, as there is not a single trace of its existence in any physical form. There is still a listing for the movie on Amazon, but it's listed as Currently Unavailable. Further information on the movie is so scarce, that it may not have been released at all, or presumably never existed.



"Atop the Fourth Wall" review of the Bimbos in Time comic.


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