Birds of Peace (lost studio version of Vanilla Ninja song; 2007)

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Status: Lost

Vanilla Ninja was a pop-rock girl group popular in the 2000s in Europe, signed to Top Ten and later EMI. They released four albums between 2003 and 2006 with varying commercial success and had a number of top-ten singles in countries including Germany and Austria and regular radio airplay in Central European countries. Their music was also released in Japan and Latin America to some success.

Following the peak of their success (between 2004 and 2006), Vanilla Ninja participated in the Eurolaul contest in their native Estonia, a pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2007. The song performed, Birds of Peace, was performed live and placed fourth. The live performance is on YouTube and undoubtedly exists in studio quality in ETV's archive.

The studio version of the track, however, is lost. Evidence indicates that it does exist: Birds of Peace apparently placed at #3 in the Estonian Singles Chart, which would require either a download or a CD release, else it would be impossible to gain the sales needed for a chart listing. There is no official website for the Singles Chart to verify if this is true, however, and no copies of this can be found online for sale.

The second potential lead comes from Wikipedia, which again could be misleading: The article for the band's discography suggests that Birds of Peace is included on the Latin American version is Love Is War, their final album released in 2006 in Europe and 2009 in some Latin countries. Certainly, the band had some brief success in Latin America circa 2009, leading to the re-release, and there's also evidence that "Birds of Peace" was performed and won at the Vina del Mar Festival 2008. However, confusingly, Discogs suggests that no track called Love Is War was on the Brazilian edition.[1]

It is possible that Birds of Peace is on a Latin American version of Love Is War. It may be one of the bonus tracks, listed under a new name, although this is unlikely. It is also possible that it was released as a single in Estonia.

However, even if not commercially released, a studio version of "Birds of Peace" was almost certainly recorded. It would have been scheduled for commercial release if they had won Eurolaul, as it would have been included on the official Eurovision album for that year. There is enough evidence to suggest it was released, but if it was not, it still probably exists in the vault of a record label.

Given the band's enduring cult popularity and their success in the mid-2000s, the fact that this single is missing is surprising. Even their final single, Crashing Through the Doors, is available online - albeit in low quality - so Birds of Peace remains a mystery at this time.


"Birds of Peace" performed live at Eurolaul 2007.