Blips (partially found Spanish-British children's TV show; 2005)

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The logo to the show.

Status: Partially Found

Blips is a British live-action animation hybrid TV series created by Ragdoll Productions[1]. Each episode of the series would follow the hapless Mr Perfect, played by Robin Stevens, who would show the viewers how to get a job or a task done "perfectly". Once each task has been successfully completed the first time around, purple alien-like creatures, known as the "Blips", would reverse the whole scene and cause problems on the way when Mr Perfect attempts to do the job again. Narration is provided by actress Patricia Routledge, who would describe how the task should be done in such an elegant manner.

A total of 26 10-minute long episodes were known to be produced[2], first airing on the CITV channel in September 2005. Additionally, the show was said to have run for two series, though the episode list for Blips appears to cover Series 1 only.

Despite the show's website being uncovered, the majority of Blips is considered to be lost.


The first discovery of the show began in 2014, where Mrgexvideo1990 uploaded a video featuring the end credits on a CITV continuity video from 2009. However, this video is currently unavailable. In 2017, a hashtag (#GiveBlipsLove") was shared around on the search for the show, encouraging others to look for the lost series.

Eventually, a user called Neapolitan Sledgehammer Cartoons uploaded a video of the game intro taken from the Blips game on the official website for Blips, now archived and taken down, while another called Sophie Hanssel uploaded a track from Blips ripped from the website. Later that year, a user called CodeLyokoFan2002 found the full website archive and uploaded a higher quality version of the song as well.

CLF2002's video explaining more about the Blips website.

A higher quality version of the music from the game uploaded by the same person.

On April 5th, 2018, a YouTuber by the name of Yuvi found a link to the game from the CITV website.[3] He found the link on a Google Hangouts call on the same day. The Blips game is hosted on that website.[4]

For a while, all of the episodes for Blips were considered to be lost media until on January 11th 2021, the episode "Movie Star" was found and uploaded onto CodeLyokoFan2002's account on YouTube via the help of IdentFan101 and LucasMcMurdie. Following this, another two episodes, "Builder" and "Ice Cream Maker", were uploaded onto the same site by MediaHallway and Tom Bandicoot respectively.

"Movie Star"


"Ice Cream Maker"