Bloons World (partially found user-created games from website; 2007-2014)

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Bloons World.jpeg

The Bloons World website prior to its shutdown.

Status: Partially Found

Bloons World was a website where people can play and create their own Bloons levels. They could also play Bloons Player Packs 1, 2, and 3. It was created by Kaiparasoft (now Ninja Kiwi), the same developer that created the Bloons games. The website was shut down in 2014, due to inactivity, cyberbullying, fame competitions, and malicious ads. The URL now redirects to


The Wayback Machine would not archive all of the games on Bloons World. Only 159,849 play URLs have been archived (including multiple URLs for the same game)[1], compared to the over 3.8 million levels[2][3]created on the website. The archived games could be played with the Ruffle emulator.