Blueryai's Poppy Playtime "Scary Face" Twitch stream (lost unarchived Twitch stream origin of Blueryai's "Scary Face" meme; 2021)

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Blue Ryai Scary Face.png

Blueryai shine his face with a flashlight, while making his scary face

Status: Lost

Blueryai is a YouTuber and a variety streamer who is best known from his videos on his very own subreddit and mostly does various reaction and gaming content in his channel. He also has some smaller mini series usually being reactions such as "The Most HOOD School In History...." and "Spotifys WORST Song Transitions Of The Decade".[1]

Somewhere around October of 2021, Blueryai did a live-stream where he played the indie horror game, 'Poppy's Playtime'. During the stream, Blueryai made a ridiculous, yet unsettling face that made someone screenshot it and uploaded it to his discord. This one screenshot alone started a trend in which viewers would troll Blueryai by showing him the photo by either pulling up the photo unexpectedly, or disguising it within a collection of photos or a video, which often end up making Blueryai mad. It's essentially the equivalent to being 'rickrolled'.

Whereabouts of the Photo

The original screenshot of the scary face is available for everyone to see. However, the original live-stream where the screenshot came from has expired from Blueryai's Twitch channel, thus leaving the scary face photo being the only remaining piece of evidence of the streams existence.

Around mid-to-late 2022, many viewers began to speculate that the supposed screenshot was actually an edit from a fan. This was due to the fact that the exact time of when Blueryai made the face and when the screenshot was taken was unknown. It was also due in part of the many fan edits of the face that were prevalent on Blueryai's subreddit.

On February 11 of 2023, Blueryai attempted to find the origins of the scary face photo in a live-stream, where not only he confirms that he did the scary face in the first ten minutes of the stream, but went more farther into debunking the rumor of the scary face photo actually being edited. Later in the stream, a different streamer, Mari (a mod for Blueryai chat), finds the exact date and link of the stream, but wasn't able to download an archive because of the files being corrupted.[2]



Blueryai attempting to trace the origins of the VOD.



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